Mt Hood Report by Kele Murdin

June 5, 2006 · Print This Article

Mt Hood, first two stages

Ok. So the race started yesterday w/ 3 mi TT or prologue…when does it become a TT not a prologue?? Because they added another hill, and one more mile…I don’t know what was wrong w/ the flat, downhill, then 2oom climb??? Sounds good to me!

Well, I rode hard, stayed focused…and was disapointed w/ the result…but hey that’s what happens when other girls go faster than you!! Nice work ladies, I know how hard I was you were workin’ even harder…WOW! Austin Powers (actually allison, but Austin is funnier) threw down a 7:13ish, w/ Dotsie Bauche (right?) 3seconds back, Suz Weldon 7:30, and me 7:31 (actually it was .8 sec difference, btw)…then Jen Ruiter close behind…and that’s all I remember.

My VB-Kona teamates raced well. A few had new TT bikes…Jane Z passed two, count ’em, TWO people in the TT! We have a guest rider…LisaLee (totally not spelled like that, but that’s how it’s spelled), who is a foreign exchange HS student from Belgium.

Today was a 2 lap 56mi circuit…the flattest of all days. It stayed together….there were two attackes all day (by myself, and I mean that literally), which didn’t last long…no one interested in getting away, but me…but to no was a bunch sprint…pretty dicey at the last 2k…but my teamates were AWESOME, keeping the pace high, and helpin me to the front…I was 6th…Dotsie won!

Mt Hood next two stages

Ok, first of all…Dotsie ALMOST won the circuit race…she was like 2nd, or something. A Palo Alto speed demon won!

Next we had the REAL TT in the AM…10.5 mi out and back….climb then decent…again I felt like I had a great race…until I saw the results….hmm, hope this trend ends SOON! Dotsie actually did win, and took the leaders jersey! I lost like 1:30…Embarrassing, but true!

That evening was the crit! On the positive side, I got to race my kind of race for a few laps, got some primes….then on a sad note, Dotsie crashed and broke her collarbone in this nasty corner! Allison Powers won…which defaulted her the GC leader…but she requested NOT to wear the jersey the following day, due to Dotsie’s crash…classy move Allison!

We all wish Dotsie a speedy recovery! And cant wait to see you soon!!

Today was RIDICULOUS! Three mountains…way too many eager climbers…some rain…some sun…tons of pain. So it all came apart right before the first KOM…which is no where NEAR the top (not funny)…so then (I was told later) 4 girls got off (Alicia, Leah, Mara Abbot, Allison Powers…I think) and pretty much stayed away…then there was a second, and third group of chasers… and me yo-yoing off the back of the third…off the back on the ups, and back on the downs…repeat times 3…which sucks, cause there is no time to recover, damn I wish I could just climb better!

So, our Dutch exchange student showed us what’s up…she finished a smokin’ 7th just behind the lead group! Jane was 12th…and sorry Jen I don’t know where you finished but I know it was in front of me…

Leah Goldstien took 1st GC, Alicia Lion 2nd, and Mara Abbot 3rd (Chris I told you wrong…Oops)…

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