Katina opens up a can of WV Whoop-Ass

August 24, 2008 · Print This Article


Chris Thater Crit, Binghamton, NY Aug 23, 2008


I hope it’s “legal” to use the word ASS on our blog — Above, please admire the shapely tattooed legs of Kat and Kate.  Are we not fast looking?  Well, in the final corner, I must say one of us WAS:  Ms. Sayers-Walker dragged out her cobwebbed crit skills and threw down the gauntlet coming out of nowhere and making a tremendous sprinting move that got the whole pack in a lather to chase her down.  Previous to that she had also taken a great flyer off the front, just to make things lively.  Too bad the team with, um, let me see, SIX racers did absolutely n o t h i n g to make it a race.  Me, well, I was up in the front about 5th person most of the time, I just like it up there.  Seems “safe” – I did pull a lap or two, got 2nd in a prime (whoopee) and thought I was being very clever in terms of positioning for the whole race. 

Well, if I had maintained that clever position of 4th or 5th person for the last corner, it would have also been a can of Upstate NY Whoop-Ass opened, but alas, the whole pack moved up on either side of me in one great motion as Katina did her little sneaky shoot-out from the back allllll the way to the front…and I just kindof watched them.  In the end, our hero Katina held her best from her early sprint and finished 8th and I miraculously managed to pick a few people off as I tried to not abandon and got 10th.   We beat all the green MIMers, thank god and even national champ Betty Tyrell who made the pack work when they otherwise would have been content to sit in.


We rode home $150 richer, yee-ah, baby.

Schweaty Betties.



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