San Diego Bellas Rock Barb’s Half Ironman

August 10, 2009 · Print This Article


For those of you who haven’t heard the news, the San Diego Bellas kicked some major booty at Barb’s race last weekend!

BJ overcame swim nerves to have a fantastic first Half Ironman!  After the race she looked fresh as a daisy as she was corralling her kids (who she had been camping with in the days leading up to the race).  Truly a SUPERMOM!

Heather flew through her first Aquabike.  Although she had suffered from a recent back injury, Heather was on her game, and finished the race strong and in control, reminding us why
Chris calls her a “Bond Girl”.

Jackie took over 40 minutes off her time from last year. Considering this is Jackie’s THIRD half Ironman in a year, I think this grandma of two officially qualifies as a “long course specialist”.

Lynn S. rocked her first HIM with a 9th place finish!!!  She looked calm and in control throughout the race, and glided across the finish line like a gazelle.

Pey-Lih took 3rd in her age group for the Aquabike.  She is one fast chick!  I guess it runs in the family- her husband Ben also podiumed!

Shannon SPUN up the infamous Chalk Hill.  When she got to the top, she said “Really?  Was that it?”  She went on to finish her first half Ironman with a strong run.  Yay Shannon!

And last but not least…

Terri, who is training for her first full Ironman in November, took FIRST place in her age group!  And at this race, first place gets you a bottle of wine and a really cool necklace.  Way to go!

Thanks to Cindy O’Grady, who seemed to be everywhere at once, cheering on the Bellas.  Next year, we’re getting you out on that course =)

Congratulations to everyone who participated!  

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2 Responses to “San Diego Bellas Rock Barb’s Half Ironman”

  1. Swim Coach Finder on August 10th, 2009 8:53 pm

    All I can say is wow. Team looks professional, stylish, and sounds like your pretty good too!

  2. Katestewart on August 18th, 2009 8:44 am

    Way to go grrrls!! You are awesome :o)

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