Syracuse Grand Prix Cross 2010

October 19, 2010 · Print This Article

NY Bellas were sporting the winter whites for the Syracuse Grand Prix – though it was the PERFECT weather, and I’m not saying “real cross weather” is “perfect”…

Our own Sue Atwood was the Big Cheese Organizer and Promoter of this race.  Her first ever in this position and she and her team of volunteers did a fantastic job of setting up, prizes, break down and scoring.  She had some real help from the gods with the weather too.

The course is  a ball buster – Not a moment of rest – soggy, muddy grass made for slow going on the back stretch, a sandy run/ride up, rollercoaster bumps and barriers as high as legally possible, which for shorties can be a real pain in the butt.


Angela rips it up!



Cynthia shows intensity (and fluff on her headset.)



(Photos courtesy of James Pitarresi)


Open Women

Cynthia Schneideker 9th

Angela Ott 11th


Masters Women:

LiLynn Graves 1st

Kate Stewart 3rd



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