Owasco Flyer 2011

June 30, 2011 · Print This Article

Cynthia, Kara, LindaKara, Cynthia, Michelle

The Owasco Flyer 2011 held on Sunday June 26th in Auburn, NY had a relatively large cohort of 6 NY Velo Bellas participating in the race and/or race committee.  This is a well-run race, with a beautiful course, breathtaking views of the Owasco Lake and great post race prizes, raffles and food, including chocolate milk served by Dairy princesses wearing pink tiaras, no less!  The weather was perfect for racing, in the low 60’s, overcast with only a few sprinkles towards the end of the race.  Thank you to Velo Bellas Kim Behrman and Linda Tersegno who were part of the Race committee.

Sue Kahler,  10th Female,  4th in 50-59 age group

Linda Tersegno, 12th Female, 5th in 50-59 age group

Kara Frostclapp ,14th Female, 2nd in 40-49 age group

Cynthia Schnedeker,  15th Female, 6th in 50-59 age group

Michelle Dellilo,  DNF d/t  broken pedal L

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