Twin Cities – F.A.Q.

Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

  1. Q: What is the fee to join?

    A: The fee to join Velo Bella is $50 per year, payable in January of each year.

  2. Q: What is required to join?

    A: To join:

    1) Pay fee of $50,

    2) Purchase a jersey each year (or other approved clothing item, i.e., shorts, skinsuit, tri jersey, etc. if you have a current jersey),

    3) Sign and send in a waiver,

    4) Join our e-mail lists,

    5) Name “Velo Bella” as your team on your USA Cycling license (if applicable).

    6) Race at least one race, and 7) Have fun.

  3. Q: Are there minimum race commitments?

    A: All we ask is that you try at least one race. And any race on a bicycle counts. Beyond that, race whatever you feel comfortable doing and as your personal schedule allows.

    Q: I am a recreational rider and don’t race, can I still join Velo Bella?

    A: While we can’t offer our national sponsor discounts unless you race, we do welcome anyone to join our national Velobella and local email lists and to join us on any rides or other events we might announce to the local list. Who knows – we may turn you into a racer yet!

  4. Q: Are there mandatory meetings or rides?

    A: No. What IS mandatory about Velo Bella is HAVING FUN ON YOUR BIKE! If you decide to join Velo Bella, the only mandatory activities are volunteering for one Bella-sponsored race a year and leading one ride at any level. FUN stuff!

  5. Q: Are there regular team rides?

    A: We ride regularly from both locations of our sponsor shop, Now Bikes & Fitness. We also use our email lists to announce spontaneous rides to each other around the Twin Cities area. (Note: These rides are not sponsored by Velo Bella.)