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Events and Races - March 2003

02/01/03 - Bay Area Women’s Cycling Montlhy Ride
February’s ride will be held in Folsom and led by the Peak Cycling Team. 51-mile or 31-mile hilly route. Meet at 25000 Blue Ravine Rd., Folsom, CA 95630 at 8:30 am. For more info contact Sheryl Yamashita, email .

02/02/03 - Early Bird Crit #5
The last of a well-run five-part training crit series. If you made it through without crashing, congratulations!

02/08/03 - Intermediate Skills with Jaquie Phelan
Intermediate Skills for preparing for Sea Otter. Meet at Sunshine Bicycle Center in Fairfax, 11-3 pm. Questions? Call Jacquie 415-459-7093 This class is open to anyone who's survived the Instant Finesse Clinic within the last three years. Cost is $105 to reserve a spot, or bring cash. There will be a beginner’s clinic the following day, same place, same time.

02/09/03 - Cherry Pie Criterium
The answer to everyone’s question is, "Yes, the winners will receive Cherry Pies."

02/15/03 - Sandhill Dual Slalom Series #1
Are there any women out there that race these? Allie? Do you? After looking at this pic I, think Jeni should.

02/16/03 - Cool MTB Race
As the website says, “this race is not for the fair weather rider.” By all past muddy accounts, believe them.

02/15/03 - Pine Flat Road Race
This race is poorly named. It should be called the Pine Not Flat Road Race. Expect 2,800 feet of climbing in this early-season leg breaker.

02/16/03 - Dinuba Crit
Dinuba? Where’s Dinuba? And Bob, why aren’t there any results listed for the Women’s 2002 Race?

02/17/03 - Orosi Road Race
A new event on the NCNCA calendar, looks like it's replacing the ever-exciting Can’o’Tuna Creek race normally held on P-Day. How does Bob find these places?

02/22/03 - Snelling Road Race
Ah, you know the racers are starting to wake up from winter hibernation when Snelling rolls around. A traditional first race of the season for many because of the gentle course. Unfortunately, the weather is never gentle and the bees are mean.

02/23/03 - Merced Criterium
Now we’re getting into the NCNCA flow of Saturday road races followed by Sunday crits. Lather, rinse, race, repeat all the way to September. It’s a long season folks; don’t get your chamois all worked up just yet.

02/23/03 - TBF MTB Challenge
More fun wet winter racing in and also the first race in the Northern California High School Series.

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