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Okay, can't figure out how to get around using the navigation to the left? Then, use the links below. Obviously, "Parts on Order" means that these sections will be coming soon! Got it?

Team Velo Bella
    Racer Chicks - those with the need for speed and/or to win
    Junior Bellas - juniors and opportunities for juniors
    Just-For-Fun Bellas - girls who just want to have fun
    About Velo Bella - Who? Why?
    Support Our Team - get in on the action

La Gazzetta
    Latest & Greatest - a must read
         Archive - still good stuff to read
    Race Reports - another must read
         Archive - reports from races past

    Race Results - us on the podium
    Ride Reports - our zany rides
         Archive - reports from rides ridden

    Advocacy - trail work and other good deeds

    California News - good stuff about California Bellas
    Colorado News - good stuff about Rocky Mountain Bellas
    Georgia News - good stuff about Southern Belle Bellas
    Minnesota News - good stuff about Twin Cities Bellas

Rides and Races
    Monterey Bay Rides - training rides in Monterey Bay
    Bay Area Rides - training rides in the Bay Area
    Mountain Bike Rides - local montain bike rides and trails
    Go Racing - racing orgs, schedules, news
    Cyclocross - hardest, funnest, silliest 45 minutes on a bike

Bella Bazaar
    Store - "Parts on Order"

Tips & Tidbits
    Camps & Clinics - ways to learn bike stuff
    Training Links - links for the beginning cyclist
    Women's Cycling - "Parts on Order"

Bella Cafe
    Bella Lounge - a cool place to hang out
    Galleria - quotes and photos and stuff worth seeing
    Velo Fellas - the guys who like this girlie stuff and hang with us
    Sites We Dig - "Parts on Order"

    Our Sponsors - the companies who support us
    Our Outreach - how we use our funds to help others
    Our Media Spots - our news coverage

    Contact VBM - place to send us a note
    Disclaimer - legal stuff
    Credits - the designers & programmers

Team Velo Bella24 Hours of Adrenalin NORBA National Champions24 Hours of Adrenalin NORBA National Champions
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