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Things people say that are worth repeating...

We chased down Simoni;
he turned around, saw us and said,
"aaaahh, Bella!"
Shit you not!

Bella do Vegas, Interbike 2003

"By the way, the Velo Bellas are not human. A study was just taken and the results came back positive. They are in fact robots. Not women, but robots. I did notice that when I was congratulating one of the gals on her race, she started to smoke out of her ears. I guess when you ride those motors hard, they get hot!?!"
Observation of the Velo Bella teams by a racer at the 24 Hours of
Adrenalin, Laguna Seca

"It's a chick!" Rider 1
"No. It's a Velo Bella!" Rider 2
"Oh, Là, Là!" Rider 1
Overheard by Dana @ 24 Hours of Adrenalin
while climbing "The Grind"

"Riding with Shelly is just as hard as riding with the guys, only with brains."
Laura on the A+ Saturday Morning Ride

"Hey Velo Bella, you have the coolest website of any cycling club out there! WOW, what style!"
Brad Kearns,

"I just can't help it...I LOVE passing the opposite sex when I climb."
Suenago's Commentary regarding the Napa Valley Century

"Some girls like to catch boys...I like to pass them."
Suenago's T-Shirt (Are we surprised? No!)

"Hey, I saw you guys on cycling news yesterday! Anonymous Male riding with Monica in N. CA
"Yep!" Monica

"Anything for a Bella!"
Wade, Co-Owner of Spokesman Bicycles
Spoken to Jules after fixing creaks & bike fit

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Team Velo BellaSabine & Laura - Halloween Cyclo CrossSabine & Laura - Halloween Cyclo Cross






Bellas Do Vegas!Bellas Do Vegas!







Velo Bella, life of the party at Surf City #2 in '02Velo Bella, life of the party at Surf City #2 in '02

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