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Mountain Bike Rides

The Bella Ride Key

Level of Difficulty
Beginner Mostly fireroad, some easy singletrack
Intermediate Mostly singletrack, some fireroad
Advanced Challenging, technical singletrack
Fun Factor
You have not lived until you have ridden here.
A California Epic.
Ooodles of fun await you on these trails.
A Bella Hot Spot!
Definitely worth checking out.

North Bay Trails

Marin Headlands

The birthplace of mountain biking! What is not to love? Well, most of the supa-fun singletrack is now illegal so that's a bummer. Still, the views are awesome and you can ride your mountain bike to the ocean. Trail Map

Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tam is a classic local ride, particularly the railroad grade climb to the highest point of Marin County, the summit of Mount Tamalpais. You will be rewarded with views to the ocean, the Bay, the city by the Bay, the Berkeley Hills and more! Trail Map


China Camp
Beginner & Intermediate

The closest singletrack to San Francisco. Trail Map

Bay Area Peninsula Trails

Beginner & Intermediate

All trails drop from Skyline down to the heart of the forest. There is no lollygagging here – you are either climbing or descending.


Skegg’s (El Corte Madera)

A personal favorite of this author. Skegg’s is simply a great escape from it all. Lose yourself in marvelous swoopy singletrack amid giant redwoods on Resolution Trail, North Leaf and Manzanita. Beat the summer heat under the canopy of the forest. Suggested Rides: Northern Loop & Central Loop. Check out our trip report.


South Skyline
Beginner & Intermediate

A bit of something for everyone. A handful of preserves link together to create what is referred to as South Skyline. The options are endless from after-work jaunts to full day epics connecting fireroads and singletrack that weaves in and out of forests. Check out individual trail maps for: Russian Ridge, Saratoga Gap, Long Ridge and Coal Creek.


Fremont Older Beginner & Intermediate

It’s good. Easily accessible from the South Bay.


Waterdog Park Beginner & Intermediate

If you live in the mid-peninsula (San Mateo, Belmont or San Carlos) you must check out Waterdog. This is a gem of a park in the middle of residential Belmont. There’s mellow fireroad and some supa-dupa fun singletrack that even gets pretty tricky and steep in spots. Trail Map

South Bay Trails

Santa Teresa
Beginner & Intermediate

A local’s favorite in the South Bay. Trail Map


Henry Coe
Intermediate & Advanced

Again, high author bias. Fantastic sweeping singletrack with plunging descents and amazing views over the Henry Coe wilderness await you. Huge opportunities for epic riding abound. Super tricky stuff comes in limited doses and can be easily avoided. There are some unfortunately steep fireroads, but don’t let that turn you off. Take this suggested ride or ride one of these trails: Far West side of Coe Park, Western Region of Coe Park, Western Ridges of Coe Park. Read the Bella ride reports:March 2003 & November 2003

East Bay Trails

Mt Diablo

An East Bay classic. Trail Map



Another East Bay classic. Trail Map


Lake Chabot

Yet another East Bay classic. (O.K. so we haven't ridden much in the East Bay) Trail Map

Santa Cruz Trails

Demo Forest
Intermediate & Advanced

It’s hard to describe in words, but here goes: sweeeeeet! Demo is what mountain bikers dream about when they fall asleep. Singletrack is massively fun and challenging in spots. Trail Map Check out the Bella ride report.


Nisene Marks
Beginner & Intermediate

Nisene is known for the classic climb to Sand Point, as well as being a gateway to Demo if you’re feeling ambitious. There’s some other stuff too, but we can’t talk about it.
Trail Map


Wilder Ranch

Beginner & Intermediate

Swoopy, dreamy trails can be found at Wilder along with plenty of fireroads. Drop into Ecalyptus Grove and it’s another world. Or head over to UCSC and keep riding all day long. Trail Map


Beginner & Intermediate

Oh my! A mountain biker’s playground. How can the university students that ride ever get a thing done? You can ride from the campus itself up to the fireroad that link to all the singletrack descents to highway 9. Trail Map

Monterey Trails

Fort Ord

A hometown favorite for our Monterey Bellas, fondly referred to as the Happy Trails. Home to the CCCX mountain bike races, Bella University clinics, and even cross racing of days gone by. Also, a gateway to the Sea Otter trails if you want it. Trail Map


Sea Otter
Beginner & Intermediate

Home to the Unabashed Celebration of the Bicycle held every spring. Need I say more? Classic Northern California mountain biking. Trail Map

Wine Country Trails

Boggs Demo Forest
Beginner & Intermediate

The “other” Demo Forest, north of wine country. Works well in combination with a few vineyard visits. Trail Map


Beginner & Intermediate

Lots of fun rocky singletrack. Trail Map


Skyline Park Napa

Excellent riding to be had here with views of Vineyard valley below. Trail Map



Rocky, rocky, rocky Rockville. Get out and test your rock-handling skills. Check out the Upper Trail Map & Lower Trail Map.


Downieville Downhill

World-renowned! The climb is so long you can pay a shuttle bus to drive you up. Seemingly endless epic descents from Sierra peaks. Trail Map


South Yuba

Another Downieville epic and another Bella 3-Kitty ride! Need I say more?


Other Downieville Area Rides

Tahoe Trails

Hole-in-the-Ground Trail

A 20+ mile loop near Donner Summit. This ride has a real sense of journey. You climb a peak, you visit lakes, you venture far into the Tahoe wilderness. And you do it all in a day. A classic in every sense of the word. Trail Map


Flume Trail

Perhaps one of Northern California’s most famous ride? Words cannot do the views justice. Trail hugs the Tahoe hillsides with vistas over the entire lake. There’s plenty of amazing Tahoe singletrack on either end of the Flume to complete your loop. Trail Map


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Wild Ride it is indeed! Hang on tight! A classic Tahoe descent with lots of rocks, roots and tricks. Trail Map


Other Tahoe Rides
Ah. So many trails, so little time. Click this link to find other great rides in the Tahoe area.

Mountain Bike Resources

Lots of California Mountain Biking Books

Bay Area Mountain Biking

Northern (Non-Bay Area) California Mountain Biking

Southern California Mountain Biking

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Team Velo BellaHeather, the adventure Bella, ponders the Bellaness of it all!Heather, the adventure Bella, ponders the Bellaness of it all!










Somewhere on Resolution, or maybe North Leaf or mabye ManzanitaSomewhere on Resolution, or maybe North Leaf or mabye Manzanita











Shelly rides the teeter totter during Nisene-Demo EpicShelly rides the teeter totter during Nisene-Demo Epic












The Consequences of FearlessnessThe Consequences of Fearlessness













5 out for 5 Hours at Wilder5 out for 5 Hours at Wilder











Suzy bombing down DownievilleSuzy bombing down Downieville

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