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Events and Races - May 2003

05/01/03 – Swanton Time Trial Series
Low key and FREE time trial series run by Team Santa Cruz, held on the first Thursday of each month. 11 mile out and back course for how much? Free ninety free!

05/03/03 - Wine Country Century
In addition to winding through vineyards and orchards, these guys claimn that this is considered a moderately easy century...a good choice for those attempting their first 100-miler.

05/04/03 - Grizzly Peak Century
If the Wine Country sounds toooo easy for you, how anout this one? The 107 mile route offers 8,300 feet of climbing.

05/03/03 - 17th Annual Lemurian Shasta Classic
They have been holding this fantastic mtb race for 17 years and I haven’t done it yet? Damn. Everything about this race just looks so cool.

05/04/03 – Tower District Criterium
.8 Mile course with one chicane and one hairpin and all categories of women ride together…yikes!

05/10/03 - Central Coast Double
Their website loads slowly and I’m inpatient so I’m afraid you’ll get no more info from me on this one. Oh, wait, it just loaded…209.5 miles and 13,200 feet! Yikes, I was better off not knowing!

05/10/03 - Cat’s Hill Criterium
The Mother of all crits in Nor Cal. Spend the afternoon barbecuing on someone’s lawn while you watch racers pull out of their pedals trying to go up the famous 23% grade hill. Or, if you’re woman enough, you race the damn thing! - A VELO BELLA HOT DATE!

05/11/03 - Berkeley Hills Road Race
So, what does one do the day after racing up a 23% grade 15 times? Well, one heads out to Berkeley and tackles the hills fondly known as Momma, Poppa and Baby Bear. Ah, the life of a bike racer!

05/11/03 - Central Coast MTB Series #4
The last race is this fun low key series held at Planet Ord.

05/12-16/03 - Bike to Work Week
Various local events to encourage people to get out of their cars (good luck)
    Monterey County
    Santa Cruz County
    San Benito County
    Bay Area

05/16-18/03 - Kern County Womens Stage Race
Get this! A timed stage race for 6, yes I said 6, categories of women. How many categories for men? None. Bob loves us (who wouldn’t?). Otherwise he wouldn’t put on this event year after year of losing money on it. I have a feeling that this year he’ll turn a tidy profit. Go race this. A VELO BELLA HOT DATE

05/17-18/03 - Velo Girls Skills Clinic
With the exception of their choice of dates, this clinic sounds great. This two-day clinic has been developed especially for intermediate to advanced recreational riders and beginning racers.

05/17-18/03 - 24 Hours of Adrenalin, Laguna Seca
I know, I know, after all my preaching I should be plunking my money into Bob’s race. But no, this is where I’ll be. This is where 15 Velo Bellas will be actually. We cannot pass up a 24 Race in our own backyard, especially when we are the National Champions in the event and all. (and no, I will not get into the whole NORBA Nat controversy, not here anyway) A VELO BELLA HOT DATE!

05/15-18/03 - NORBA NCS #1, Big Bear
Why the F$#%! Did NORBA try and schedule 2 NORBA National Championship events on the same weekend?

05/17/03 - Davis Double
Most popular double century in California. Good "first" double for advancing riders. Terrific support, less than 7500' vertical climbing. 05/18/03 Strawberry Fields Forever Century Ahhh…how pleasant.

05/23-24/03 - Elite National Road Championships
Who will wear the starts and stripes jersey for 2003? Will it be…Ginger?

05/24/03 - Fremont Criterium
The best thing about the office boom of the Bay Area is all the industrial parks to hold crits in!

05/25/03 - Mt Hamilton Classic
Their website says “This beautiful, classic road course climbs 4,500' in 20 miles to the top of Mt. Hamilton” I am sorry, but you cannot use the words “beautiful” and “climbs 4.500 feet” in the same sentence. That’s not all, there’s another 2,000 feet on the “easy” section of the course.

05/25/03 - Advanced skills and Tactics Clinic
Need an excuse to get out of racing up Mt. Hamilton? Well then, here you go.

05/26/03 - Memorial Day Crit
So, what do bike racers do while the rest of America gathers at some city park to eat burnt chicken and play Nerf football? We race damnit. Besides, this is a nice safe crit, perfect for the holidays.

05/31/03 - Rio Strada’s Folsom Criterium
First place finishers in each of these races will also win, in addition to a cash prize, a pair of Car Audio Speakers from JBL! Yeah! Of course, the bike racer strong enough to win, usually doesn’t own a car worth putting speakers in.

05/31-06/01/03 - Women’s Mountain Bike Rally
Join some of the area’s best mountain bikers on some of the area’s best trails. The focus is on learning new skills in a super fun and supportive environment! Did someone say “super fun”? Well then, we’ll be there. A VELO BELLA HOT DATE!

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Lynn Gaggioli - 4th Overall at SolanoLynn Gaggioli - 4th Overall at Solano










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