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Events and Races - October 2002

10/05/02 - 4th Annual Boulder 'Cross Series
The first race in the series is at Boulder Reservoir and includes a stroll on the beach and painful hill runs ups to start the season off right.

10/06/02 - Sacramento Cyclocross #1
Granite Beach, Sacramento Rick Cunningham, Folsom Breakouts (h) 916-961-2541, [email protected]

10/06/02 - Central Coast Cyclocross #1
Site is still listed as TBD. Expect these races to be held in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. Its what Surf City regulars do in the off-weeks.

10/06/02 - Trail Work at Wilder Ranch
Aw jeez&I havent done my trail work yet this year. The trail gods will be mad at me, dont make them mad at you. Go volunteer.

10/12/02 - Single Speed World Championships
35 miles of Downieville area trails sounds like heaven even if it is on only one gear. I think Jen is "racing" this one, that is, if she doesn't keep stopping for safety meetings. Even if you don't plan on racing, you gotta read what I think is the best race announcement flyer thingie ever. Mike F? Did you write this? "For some of us are out of breath and all of us are fat."

10/13/02 - Toasted Head Cyclocross #1
A new series held at the R.H. Phillips Vineyards. Seems like Vineyards and cyclocross go together this year. Cheers!

10/13/02 - Surf City Cyclocross #1
You havent raced cyclocross NorCal style until youve raced a Surf City. The series that has been racing cross since back in the day, is now the largest race around. Expect local heros and occassional European hotshots to show up for the action as well as the usual unusual cross characters. This is a Velo Bella Hot Date event by far.

10/13/02 - Bud Light Fall Classic
sigh. I got suckered into racing the CA State MTB Series and now I think I have to race this race since its the final in the series. It breaks my heart to miss a Surf City, but fame and fortune and a post race chili feed await me in Big Bear.

10/19/02 - Foxys Fall Century
Their website says: Ample rest stops and a full lunch will fuel you for the afternoon cruise back to Davis. (A great meal awaits you at the finish.) Whats with centurys and food stops? Cant you just pack a pb&j , poptarts, some bars and get on with it?

10/19/02 - Portland International Cyclocross Classic
One of the growing number of UCI Cross events on the domestic calendar and only 142 miles away from the Redline Cup the next day.

10/19/02 - Winter Training Clinic
Meet at Spokesman Bicycles in Santa Cruz at 3:30 p.m. for a clinic on proper training, clothing and nutrition for a productive and enjoyable winter cycling season. I just want to know how to keep my toes from falling off on cold night rides.

10/20/02 - Intro To Road Racing
Bicycle Outfitter, Los Gatos 8:45 a.m. for five hour clinic that covers
Triathlons, Criteriums, Time Trialing and Road Racing. Focus on pack
riding, training program, race tactics, nutrition, race day prep and more! Cost is $70.

10/20/02 - Redline Cup #1
The cancellation of the SuperCup series in 2002 left some crossers out of luck. But now the West Coast gets its own series. The first stop in the series is hosted by Rad Racing, the cool junior team we met at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline event.

10/20/02 - Central Coast Cyclocross #2
Site is still listed as TBD. Expect these races to be held in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. They have a single speed category.

10/20/02 - Sacramento Cyclocross #2
Granite Beach, Sacramento Dirk Manley, Body Concepts, [email protected], (w) 916-939-6800 Wow&look at all these cross events on the same weekend! Crossorama!!

10/26/02 - East Bay Cyclocross #2
Velo Promo gets cross in the winter. Bob is not new to cross. He pioneered the course style affectionately known as jungle cross. Stories of his old courses crack me up.

10/26/02 - Velo Bella Ride and Wylder
Demo. Its a chick ride! Meet at the Doubletree in Monterey at 7:00 a.m. for a ride out to East Garrison (about 8:30ish) where we will meet with Wylder to demo products and talk about chick stuff. Come ride with us and help us dump Sues sheep. A Velo Bella HOT DATE!

10/27/02 - Hillbilly Hunnert
The Hillbillies are at it again with a century thats not quite 100 miles.
But Hillbillies cant count and this century is free. Yes, I said free. The
ride starts at the Carmel Valley Community Park at 7:00 a.m. for a Poppy Loopish ride. BBQ follows. I hope they arent cooking up possums.

10/27/02 - Trail Work at Nisene Marks
Vienna Woods Trail bridge punch-in. I have no idea what that means. Ctrl C, Ctrl V.

10/27/02 - Toasted Head Cyclocross #2
Another shot at racing in the vineyards. Their website shows that R.H. Phillips makes six varieties of wine. Thats one for each race and one to celebrate when its all over. Pop open the Syrah!

10/27/02 - Surf City Cyclocross #2
Looks like this Surf City race is held very near to Halloween. Hmmm&.could that mean costumes while racing? Who us? No way, we take our cross much to seriously to engage in something so childish. A Velo Bella HOT Date Event

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