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Point Scramble

The 2003 Velo Bella Ring-a-Ding Points Scramble
Dig it Baby, it's Koo-koo! We're keeping tabs on who is the Ring-a-Ding Cyclist in the pack.

At the end of the season, we will have awards and raffles and all kinds of ways of patting ourselves on the back!!

Each point is a raffle ticket entry at the end-of-the-season Swag Giveaway. Everyone who earns at least 10 points wins a cool prize!!! Oh, Là, Là! Since more than just racing is rewarded, this is open to anyone with a Velo Bella jersey who wants to participate.

Here's how we earn points:

  Event Points
  Race Finish 1
  Race Top Five 2
  Race Win 3
  1st Race 5
  Category Upgrade 5
  Complete Century 1
  Complete 1st Century 5
  Complete Double Century 2
  Volunteer Day 2
  Sell 10 T-shirts 3

Here's what this means:

Race Finish
Race under the name of Velo Bella and wear the Velo Bella jersey...all you have to do is finish da' race to earn a point. Finish in the top five, and you earn 2 points total! Win the thing, and you earn 3 points total! Limited to 2 events in one day (sorry Trackies). If it's your first race, you get 5 whole whopping points just for being so damned brave! And yes, in this case, Triathlons count as a race, with double point value for those silly people who do Ironman distances.

Category Upgrade
Any Velo Bella who officially upgrades in NCNCA, USCF or NORBA category gets 5 big ole points, because sandbagging is so nowhere, baby.

Complete Century
Finish a century while wearing a Velo Bella jersey, and get 1 point. Finish a double and get 2 points. Finish your 1st century, and earn the mackdaddy 5 points for your big accomplishment.

Volunteer Day
Participate in any cycling-related volunteer thingie, i.e. elementary school rodeos, and earn 2 points. It would be nice to show up for these events in a Velo Bella jersey, vest or T-shirt, but volunteering is such a good karma activity, we'll give you points even if you show up naked!

Sell 10 Shirts
Do that and get points.

The Points Scramble (as of 02.27.03)
Download the Points Scramble - PDF 1MOkay, where are you in the points?

Download the Points Scramble - PDF 1MDownload the 2003 Velo Bella Ring-A-Ding Points Scramble (PDF 727K) to see the latest Scramble contenders! (This document is a PDF, so if you haven't figured this out yet, go to Adobe's site and get up-to-speed!)

And while the Points Keeper is pretty damned smart, she's not omniscient. Email her at if you've earned points that are not listed.

Oh ya, we reserve the right to change the rules or otherwise alter the Points Scramble. The Points Keeper can be bribed with brownies or beer.

Now, go ride!!!


Team Velo BellaJeni attempts to jump the log thing after Allie cleared it.Jeni attempts to jump the log thing after Allie cleared it.








Leah, Suzy and Julie @ Cool MTBLeah, Suzy and Julie @ Cool MTB








Shelly wins NCNCA W35 Cross ChampionshipShelly wins NCNCA W35 Cross Championship



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