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September 2005

9/26/2005 - Hellooooo Cross Season!
The season of falling leaves is just around the river bend, and that means trading in that sleek, sexy road bike (which, let's admit it, we're all sick of by now anyway) for the knobbies and barriers. Bring on the season of Psycho-cross! And what better way to enjoy the festive mood of racing than participating in Velo Bella's 3 (count 'em -3!) Surf City Races. Mark your calendars!
October 16 - Get ready to explore the tropics of California in this jungle-themed race
October 30 - Annual Halloween race!
November 19 - UCI Gran Prix, come race, then watch the Pro's!
Which reminds me, I need to start thinking of a good costume for race #2. I've got some stiff competition - gorillas and a Cat in the Hat, Bella Slayers and who can forget THIS?
Also, look out for Bellas taking on Cross all over the nation. Not only will our 2005 Elite Squad be traveling all over da place, but our amateur crew will be representing in California, Washington, Michigan, North Carolina, and more!

9/8/2005 - Bellas Plan Interbike Take-Over
Okay, so maybe we're not going to TAKE OVER interbike, but we'll sure be there - and who can ignore our flair-clad crew? Be sure to stop us and say Hello - "we won't bite..... hard".

9/3/2005 - Bella's Hold Beach Clinic
Bellas new and old gathered 'round to share tips on flair, tales of teamwork, and suggest a few racing skills too (After eating at least two bagels with cream cheese apeice, discussing Monica's hot sons, and catching up on the latest gossip, the attendees devised a fail-proof master plan for kicking some major booty next road season. Watch Out, World!
....... And as an aside, this author would like to challenge any willing individual to a Death Biking Dual. "My cycling carreer will not be complete until I beat Nicole Freedman in a Death Biking Match. Rainbow Stripes here I come! ..... I need a lot of practice."

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