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August 2004

08/31/04 - Speaking of Cross
Yes, the rumors are true. The Surf City Cyclocross Series will not be held this year. This absofreakinlutely breaks my heart. For real. Its a shame that the nation's longest running cyclocross series is not on this year. We bellas are sentimental fools though, and with a little help from our friends at Roaring Mouse Cycles, we are taking on one Surf City race this year. Our hope is to keep the Surf City infrastructure alive and interest other teams in each taking on a race next year and putting that series back together again. Our "Spirit of Surf City" race will be held on Halloween at the ever popular Watsonville Fairgrounds. Expect the same attention to excellent competition, course design, fast results and good times that Surf City was known for. Of course, with a little Bella Halloween madness thrown in for good measure. More details soon. For now, pen in your calendar to be there.

08/31/04 - Goodbye, August
Ah, September looms ahead and we all know what THAT means. Goodbye, road race season. Time to dust the cobwebs off your cross bike, friends. Dig up the running shoes. Invest in some hiking boots. Stock up on caribeeners, wax the skis, pack up the parachute, put on the knobbies, walk your fat dog, pitch a tent, and buy a box of condoms. Helloooo, off season!

08/29/04 - Golden Crotch Award
Time trial virgin Karin Jeffery raced Esparto in unpadded shorts. Can this hideous feat ever be paralleled?

08/27/04 - Bella Madness in the Kitchen
Our own Nancy Wright has been cookin' it up, concocting some very tasty little treats. Don't believe me? Try her new Builder's Bar from Clif. I know, I know, we're not sponsored by Clif Bar so what am I saying? Try it anyway. Try the chocolate one.

08/22/04 - New Kid on the Block earns a Bronze at Nationals!
That's right. There's a sprinter on the loose. Brenda Lyons is running rampant through the NRC circuit and there's no stopping her. Fresh off her amazing results at Superweek in July, Brenda took 5th at BMC New York and showed 'em who's boss at Crit Nats in Downer's Grove when she snatched the bronze. And in just her first year racing pro, we have to wonder - maybe it's the jersey? Here's Brenda's story and this is what had to say. Oh yeah, and this has nothing to do with the criterium, but we think Brenda's brother is hot and how cute that he's proud of his sis.

08/21/04 - Through rain, sleet, or snow....
Or million-mile-per-hour headwinds - nothing can stop new Bella Aimee Vasse. Outfitted in style in her borrowed bella jersey, Aimee took it straight to the top in the outrageously, insanely, grotesquely, bile-in-your-eyeballs difficult Mt. Washington Hillclimb. As if that's not enough, she even won the blithering thing. Aimee, you knock our socks off.

08/17/04 - Oxygen Depletion No Barrier for Old Timer Bellas
7,000 feet above sea level, Masters Nationals Bella squad Andi Smith, Tracy Lillig, and Monica Neilson battled the elements and the beastly competition in style. And with a 5th place podium finish from Monica in the 40-44 criterium, how can we deny our own squad's beastly abilities? Savage, ladies, absolutely savage.

08/02/04 - Bellas Eat 'em up at 'Toona
And we don't mean Chicken of the Sea. What better way to start off the month than by taking the Altoona Classic by storm? The Bella squad, including both first-time stage-racers and veteran former-bella-returning-as-guest-rider Lynn Gaggioli, fired up the ol' pistons to bring Lynn in for a most excellent Stage 3 victory and 5th place in the GC. Yummy. Want more? Here's some Altoona pics.

08/01/04 - Minnesota Girls Spice It Up
The local race circuit, that is. In just their first year as a team, these girls promoted the State Crit Championships. And the winners are.... our Bellas of course, for pulling together such a great event.

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Team Velo BellaCyclocross, halloween and bellas, fall must be in the airCyclocross, halloween and bellas, fall must be in the air








Pooped podium boys kept the girls racing at AltoonaPooped podium boys kept the girls racing at Altoona









New Bella, Aimee Vasse, discovering some of that Bella magicNew Bella, Aimee Vasse, discovering some of that Bella magic



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