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November 2005

10/16/2005 - Surf City #1 Ramblings

Best line from the race yesterday: So, we're lining up for the Jungle Cross race. Its a typical Velo bella thing, with bellas on the line in wings and ears and fluff. But boys somehow are getting into it too. This one guy rolls up all dressed hula style. Another guy, in just plain lycra rolls up to the hula guy and says,"I don't have anything to wear." Hula guy points over to our booth and tells him, "Dude, you can't race like that. You gotta go to that booth over there and ask the girls to give you some frizzle frazzle."

I think that same guy was also cheering for the women at the top of the first run-up. As I staggered up he yelled something like "We love girls on cross bikes! We love pink frizzle frazzle!" It was like doing a couple shots of Gu (or something) to hear that.

I want to thank EVERYONE for this amazing weekend. It's incredible to be on a team where you succeed just by getting out there, regardless of results. Yesterday morning the course was scaring the crap out of me and twice I decided not to race at all. The first time, Tom Jelmyer refused to let me bail. The second time Nancy and Monica got me back in by acting like I was a real racer chick and not, as I had decided, some idiot who would just embarrass the team. And a shout out to Betty -- so much fun racing with you!

So I did it, I finished DFL after several amusing falls -- and I'll be back for more in 2 weeks.
-Karin ("dusty bottoms")

oh my daughter and i had a blast this weekend...we want to thank all of you who made our first cyclocross experience so much fun...even tho it hurt really bad!

the clinic was awesome...we had real pros who were incredibly patient with goofy beginners(at least i was goofy)...thanks for spending so much of your time!
and...missmary's food was extra yummy (and her doggy's really cute too)

like karin said, on race day, so many bellas were so supportive before, during, and after the race...we really felt like "real" racer chicks...and a part of the bella family

also, thanks for the first-timer goodie bags full of fun and the fabulous flair!! i want to wear mine every day...maybe i will!

a little rhyme- even tho at moments we wanted to quit or just cry...there was always a bella nearby encouraging us to continue to try... :) plus those crazy guys at the top of the first run-up!

damn-does this mean i need to buy another bike! if i had to lift my mountain bike up that first run-up one more time...i would have quit or cried!

thanks for all the hard work everyone! just an fyi- i had some friends who competed in the last race of the day, and they said they thought the course was awesome and that the event was really well organized...nothing but good things to say about's great to be a part of this team!

Katrina-were you the girl with the specialized rockhopper with pink shocks? I am soooo impressed with the way you hauled that bike up that sandy hill.
I have a rockhopper too and mine stalled out in the middle of the hill. Basically it looked at me and said "Excuse me? You want me to go up THAT hill?" Sigh. My mountain bike has a mind of its own. Anyway-you rock, girl! Nice job!

And Velobellas-thank you for the great Sunday. This was my second cyclocross and I never dreamed of being able to ride with a gorilla and a rabbit. Junglecross was insanely fun and crazy. I can't wait until Halloween. :) And heck-if Katrina can haul her bike on her shoulder-then darn it, so can I! :) -Elizabeth

Just want to add in the congrats to all the RockinBellas and their friends & families who got out there on Sunday.

My daughter Abby (pre-3) loves Cyclocross Season, where she gets to picnic all day long, shake hands with a gorilla carrying a bike up a hill, bounce on inflatable palm trees, and dance, clap and cheer as the Bellas lay down some serious fun.

It was amazing to see the flurry of furry flairy Bellas running registration and other support like clockwork. And a big thanks to Amy, who makes all the work look easy, all day long, and to Valerie, who poured her heart into the kiddie race, while dressed appropriately as a south sea goddess.

Maybe Abby will even get out there on her bike one of these kiddie races. I asked her if she wanted to bring her bike this time, but she opted to bring her basketball instead (hey, she's pre-3).

Abby's major comments were:
"I don't want a gorilla to shake my hand"
"I don't like the whistle" (At the start of the races) "Why don't they whistle at the end of the race?"
"I like Cheetos"
& in response to my my question "Who was your favorite Bella today?", she answered "Jim Wrona"


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