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December 2004

12/14/04 - CX Nationals Thank Yous
By Melodie Metzger

I just wanted to send out the biggest thank you I can muster up to all of you who have helped and supported our CX team. I think we had an amazingly successful season and it wouldn't have been possible without all the help and effort along the way. To name a few:

All the lovely Bellas that helped and volunteered at the Surf City race. We are all bummed we missed that race -- it looked so fun!

Tim Brennan for being the best mechanic a team could ask for and putting up with us for the entire season. We would NOT have been able to do it without your help.

Brent for driving all the way up to National -- magically we had a tent, chairs, trainers, and support all because of you.

All of our Sponsors. It was put together at the last minute, and we were still able to pull off a great list of sponsors.

Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster, what other frame builder would have been in the pits at Nationals??? You Rock!!

Sabine -- of course, for making it all happen. You are amazing.

To Barb, Christine, Erin, Sammy and Sarah -- thank you all
for a great season. I am actually sad for it to be over, but look forward to next year. You are all inspirational and I think our diverse personalities somehow made us that much stronger as a team. I LOVE YOU GUYS!


12/12/04 - CX Nationals... the After Party Report!
By Sarah Kerlin

After the epic weekend of racing at Cross Nationals, the entire gang went for dinner and beers in downtown Portland. We stayed at the swanky Hilton right in the middle of everything, so our celebrations began with a walk to a restaurant, then a pub.

Eventually the group began to yawn and with visions of the fluffy pillowtop beds at the hotel, some gave in to sleep. But a few brave souls ventured on to the afterparty in a nearby suburb. The party was in full swing at Barry Wick's house. Within 10 minutes of arriving, I had downed a delicious local brew, given Ben J-M a wedgie to remember, and been duct-taped to a feverish collegiate crosser from Durango by Todd Wells. It was a good party. Pics available to the highest bidders.

Now on to the racing action.... Mel set the tone for the Bellas with her domination of the collegiate field on Friday morning. I pre-rode with Mel and was impressed with her handling skills in the tough, muddy conditions.

I was tenative and not sure that I would be able to ride well under race pressure, being worried about crashing and hurting the bum shoulder. So, being of unsound mind and body, I decided to practice the
course at race speeds, warm up the engine, and get the jitters out by competing in the Masters event on Saturday.

By noon on Saturday when my Masters race began, the course was a mess of sticky, goopy peanut butter, fudge, and ice cold chocolate syrup. (I only needed Jim G to show up with whipped cream and a cherry on top.) I hung back at the start and worked my way to the front by lap 2, switching bikes sometimes twice a lap. Paul Sadoff helped Tim in the pits and they worked fast to clear the bikes of mud, grass, leaves, and assorted small rodents. I rode just as fast as I
needed to maintain my lead, and ran carefully to avoid burning up my legs before the main event.

The conditions took their toll and by 2 laps to go I was riding my B bike with a broken shifter. Mo Bruno caught me by the time I picked up the A bike in the pits, and she was Motivated. We battled through turns, banging elbows and fighting for the best line. In the end I put in a big effort and pulled away for the win. It was a good race and ended up being the best preparation I could have done for the Elite event the next day.

The start of the Elite race was a chaotic mess, as usual at Nationals, and Barb got stuck behind quite a few ladies. Christine was up with the top 5, and I was probably somewhere around 12th once we all hit the first run up. The course had actually cleaned up nicely, with a dry overnight wind helping to make some nice tacky lines with the occasional bog of mysterious depth and content. With room to pass I started riding my way through the field, and eventually I saw the leaders ahead, and counted 1...2..3..4..5 - uh, damn, that's Christine and I'm right behind her in 6th!

Melissa Thomas, Christine and I formed a trio for a lap, and I attacked hard hoping to set up Christine for the counter. Eventually Christine dropped Melissa and we rode together with 1 lap to go, and 1 podium spot left for the taking. But bum luck took Christine out with a broken saddle, and she had to run in to the pits. Peanut still managed to hang on for 6th, Barb was closing in on other top 10 riders but needed another lap to improve on her 9th place. Mel fought with the big dogs and earned 14th, while Erin crashed hard at the end but still came in 17th.

I was elated to earn a spot on the podium, and flattered when junior girls had me autograph their Cross Crusade sweatshirts after the ceremony. What did I write? "Ride Crazy - Bella Loca"

The Bellas had a great showing with all riders doing so well at such a tough event..... though, I think we may need to assign some extra endurance training to a few in hopes of making the next after party!


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\Sweet Pea is now Natz Collegiate ChampSweet Pea is new Collegiate Champ










Sarah wins CX Nats Women 30-34Sarah wins CX Nats Women 30-34









Thank you, Tim!
Thank you, Tim!




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