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The following are the opinions of the 909 Crew and not necessarily those of Velo Bella. Please use caution, the 909 Crew has been seriously warped by the disappointment of not making it in the big leagues and by sucking too much foul Riverside County air.

01/14/03 - CX Worlds Picks
Any favorites for cross worlds?

Declerq is a shit talkin pussy, groendal is Dutch so he can't win. Italians are looking weak, so are the Swiss...did you see that shit about Dominque Arnould winning on the 10th anniversary of his last worlds win? Anyway, the Belgians have a bunch of studs, and they are gonna rule the world... but maybe Andy has an outside chance.
-Dr Dre

Not that you asked me, but here are my picks:

Men - Sven Nys
U23 - Enrico Franzoi (he's strong and they are in Italy)
Junior - some Belgian kid
Women - Carmen D’Aluisio

No American male will be in the top ten in the elite men, but a few might squeak in the U23 or juniors. We will have at least 1 American woman on the podium, several in the top ten. Sven's day is due. No more whiney countrymates, who gives a damn about teams. He's the most talented crosser out there and its his turn. Re: Carmen - thats more of a sentimental pick. It will probably be Leboucher or worse, Anabella Stoporro. It would be cool if Carmen and Daphne Vanddebrand both podium, sort of a blonde braids thing going.

I think that by lap 3 it will be a Belgian time trial once again. Only one Dutch guy is capable of hangin on. With 4-5 laps to go Sven will leave the others groveling in his wake. Wellens 2nd, Berden 3rd and Groenendaal 4th. Declerq will give up cycling and will work for a Belgian flower shop. I agree with Sabine on the Italian kid for U23... but beware of Wesley Vanderlinden, Freek Dejong, and this Verhagen.

Juniors: I look for domination by Holland's Lars Boom. Don't know if Kevin Pawels is still a junior... he's also a threat for the win.

Women: we will have three in the top ten... the win going to Leboucher or Vandebrand. The final podium position will be fought out by Hanka and Carmen, with Carmen taking the 3rd position by pure tactical advantage...

I’d like Gina Hall & Hanka to do well. They please my eyes.
Keep hopes alive,

01/14/03 - Floyd Landis Breaks Hip
A big get well soon out to my boy Floyd, I feel you playa... I did almost the exact same thing, except they put a stainless steel rod in with the screws. I got much love for you cause you are a socal boy like me and from the 909 like I was. We both grew up racin' and gettin' dirty on the NORBA circuit. Get well soon playa, I wanna see you racing the TDF and I can jump up with my Coors Light and yell at my homies, "that's my boy. I raced that kat at Castaic. I watched him drop out, and end up under a tree puking cause he was hung over.'
-Dr Dre

I was there too... that was pretty funny. Fucked up about the injury, though.

01/13/03 - Pro Biatches
I beat that Luke Stockwell kat like the immigrant biatch that he is at Am Cup when I got my scrap on with Kirk Molday.
-Dr Dre

Wasn't that like 10 years ago???

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