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August & September 2002

09/23/02 - The season is over, get ready to start the season!
As road and mountain bike racing wind down for the year, I cant help but look back on whats got to be about the funnest year racing I have ever had. All thanks to my teammates, old and new friends and everything else Velo Bella. Who says you cant race hard and have fun? A big ol schmaltzy Thank You!! to everyone who helped Velo Bella get off the ground and on the road and trails in 2002. There are so many people who have helped, but I have to annoy you all with a list of some of them. I could just hug these guys:

[email protected], whos vision and artistry perfectly captured our spirit. Our jersey rules! Thanks for the catalyst.

Laura Sanchez, for coming up with the name, Velo Bella, and just about every other idea that was kooky.

Shelly Whisenhant, for a spirit of sportsmanship that is unrivaled. I have never met anyone so fast and yet so immodest and unselfish.

Dana Lookadoo, who has lovingly created the best website of any cycling club out there, if I dont say so myself.

Susy Pryde, for looking so stunning in our jersey on the Big Bear podium and getting us on the map.

Alan Coats, for patiently mailing out a gajillion jerseys and tshirts and other behind the scenes organization.

The Atlanta Bellas, for racing so far away from us but looking HOT in the skinsits!

Velo Bella Racers and Riders for welcoming others to the group with your infectious smiles, winning ways and witty race/ride reports.

Roman Roth, for making us look so good in those pictures.

Velo Club Monterey members for buying raffle tickets and all the other fundraising stuff we kept annoying you with.

Our 2002 Sponsors who helped out a group of gals who got a late start:

[email protected], GU Sports, Steven Gile Appraisal Services, uniquefocus, inc., White Brothers Cycling, Zeal Optics, Steelman Cycles, Granite Construction, Past Tense Massage, Specialized, Rock "N" Roll Lubrication, and Wylder.

We are already planning for 2003. And look out, because if we have our way, 2003 is going to be amazing. We hope to use the energy we created to continue to inspire women to get out and ride. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring Velo Bella for the 2003 season. Or to request a proposal.

Okay, enough of that. In other racing action, we spent the weekend ringing out the old and ringing in the new. Read our Race Report to see how we fared in the last road race and first cross race of the season. It's all about the wine and crayfish!

Our Interbike passes arrived in the mail today. Keep tuned to this website as we report on the latest industry happenings. Well let you know which products look interesting, exciting and especially which companies are interested in marketing to women. Look out Marzocchi girls, because here come the Bellas!! Except we wont be wearing leather catsuits.

09/04/02 - Viva Velo Bella Aux Mondes
Several of us just returned from the Masters World Mountain Bike Championships in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. Our own Shelly Whisenhant won a silver medal in the 35-39 category! The riding, weather, and crepes in Bromont were spectacular. What a fantastic time everyone had racing and riding. Read Sami's Bromont Ride Report.

While in Quebec, we met our Canadian equivalents. These gurlz are an all-female race team and free ride club, with sparkly cool jerseys and a very keen website. I’m a little jealous, meow! Check them out!

Speaking of World Championships, I just have to say that Frishy rules. He has competed in every single MTB Elite World Championships and still manages to earn a bronze medal. His race report on the event is a must read.

Attention OLN stage race junkies! The Vuelta starts September, 7th. Olè!

In other, not so international news, the Northern California Cross Calendar has been updated. Look for more cross content from us in the next few weeks including details on a a contest we are calling "The Dirty Dozen." Shelly Whisenhant received her upgrade to Cat 2. Looks like we are fielding quite a nice Cat 1/2 Road team next year. Watch out Nor Cal. We're going to Interbike, the annual bicycle trade show in Las Vegas. Equipped with a press pass and digital camera, we're invading BoysTown to give you the scoop on the market from a women’s perspective. Its official, our email list is a hit! Be sure to join up if you want to be in the know. See our home page for details.

08/14/02 - Velo Bella All Over the Place
Singlespeed: I wrote a race report of my Crusty Cup singlespeed race. I decided the world isnt ready for a race report titled Hello Shitty so I nixed it. But you can view race results and pictures here.

MTB: Susy is back from Commonwealth. Seems New Zealand is super stoked that she was able to carry on and earn a silver medal after breaking her wrist on the first lap. Those feisty islanders love that kind of grit. Were in awe of our star and so honored to have her wear the Velo Bella jersey.

Track: Velo Bellans earned hardware at Masters Track Nationals.
Cathy Boland, Esther Davis and Kelli Rogan traveled to Colorado and came home with some gold, silver and bronze medals. If we get stories and pics, well pass them along. Congrats too to Sarah Ulmer for overcoming intense pressure and scoring Commonwealth Gold in the pursuit. While shes not a Velo Bella, she did come out here and kick ass in our local training crit. Those training ride heroes didnt know what hit them when a girl rode the boys off her wheel. Good on ya, Sarah!

Cross: My countdown timer says only 51 more days until cross season. Nationals are planned to be here in NorCal this year. Surf City Series plans are underway. Training clinics are being scheduled. Cross bikes are ordered. And cross preparations are starting to pop up on websites. Heres the first from Pat OGrady I think Im getting giddy.

Road: This past weekend was the date for NCNCA District Road Race Championships. Although the course changed, the race is still epic. The winners are crowned the Northern California/Nevada District Champion. Such an honor allows the winner to wear a coveted Bear jersey and pay only $2 for road races in the following year. Well, a Velo Bella won such an honor this year. Congrats to our own MONICA FLESHER for winning the Women's 40-44 event. Hot damn girl! Sue, Laura, Shelly, and Jessie also gave fine performances. And I must say there was most excellent feed zoning going on at this race. Read all about the fun and games at Districts here.

Email: Weve started a list, a Velo Bella list! One of those pesky email group list thingies. It's fun. You should join. If you are interested in getting the latest Velo Bella news, ride announcements, for sale notices, race stuff, and miscellaneous bike chatter you can subscribe by sending a blank email to:
or by logging on to Yahoogroups.

Most excellent feed zoning?! Did I really type that?


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Team Velo BellaShelly wins Silver in Bromont, Quebec, CanadaShelly wins Silver in Bromont, Quebec, Canada









Suzanne - 2nd Place, Billy Cross RacingSuzanne - 2nd Place, Billy Cross Racing









Crepes in Bromont...yummmmCrepes in Bromont...yummmm










Spot & Discotrout SinglespeedersSpot & Discotrout Singlespeeders



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