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03/07/04 - Bellas Go to the Free Clinic
The Bay Area Women's Cycling Clinic of course! What did you think I meant? Taught by the very knowledgable, warm and way funny, Nicole Freedman, the clinic was a big hit! We sprinted, we cornered, we echeloned, we helped others, we won prizes, we got free granola, we flirted with the 2 boys in attendance, we didn't crash, and we admired Robyn's flower clogs. Thanks to our own Jen Chapman for volunteering at the event and to Specialized, NCNCA and Bay Area Women's Cycling for making it FREE! And, Bella kisses to Nicole for being so gracious and making us laugh. We like that.

03/07/04 - Early Season Fun in the Desert
Gabriela and Liz raced their first races together down in the Tucson Bicycle Classic. By all accounts, the two teammates had a good time working with each other and enjoyed success. Gabriela joined a break initiated by Genevieve on Day two. Genevieve eventually rode away from her breakmates by the usual amazing margin, but Gabriela hung tough and finished 3rd for the day while Liz patrolled the field behind and won the field sprint for 5th. Gabriela finished 2nd overall and Liz finished 10th.

Next race for the team will be the Pomona Valley Stage Race.

03/06/04 - When Velo Bella Reveals, People Notice
We revealed our 2004 Roster and season plans in a very official like Press Release, and people actually printed it!

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If you run a cycling website thats not listed above, email us and beg for our forgiveness.



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Team Velo BellaSuenago shows off her arms and her cornering form at the free clinicSuenago shows off her arms and her cornering form at the free clinic






Nicole Freedman shows sprinting form and fashion senseNicole Freedman shows sprinting form and fashion sense


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