Teammates are What it’s All About!

April 28, 2014 · Print This Article

(Here is Sue’s report from the Fort Ord Circuit Race)

The older I get, the less I feel like driving to a race.  So, I figured a race literally in my backyard was a good enough reason to consider racing.  The deciding factor was when Christina Hashimoto, VB Jr racer extraordinaire , said she wanted to race the event.  OK, now I’m in!  I figured the race promoters would put all the women together and they did.  Hot damn, I get to race with the 4’s and help Christina in her 4’s race.

 There were 6 Master women and approx. 15 CAT 4 women along with 3 CAT 1/2/3 all racing together.  On lap 2 of the circuit, the peloton was reduced to a strong field representing all the categories.  Having Christina in the race forced me to not to slum in the back of the peloton which is my habit.  I kept her in the front 1/3 the entire race and she stuck to my wheel like bees to honey.  She marked every move like a veteran and climbed with confidence.

Since no one could get away on the short windy climb, the race was going to come down to the slightly uphill sprint finish.  I shared with Christina where the best positioning was in the final corner and where to start her sprint.  I got her positioned right and lead her out the sprint.  She finished 3rd in her CAT 4 race and I sprinted to a first place in the old ladies category.

What made this race SO much fun was racing with Christina.  I think I was more excited that she was after the race!  I knew she could stick on the climbs because I see it every weekend when I train with her.  So, it is positioning and learning how to read a race that she is gaining valuable experience in by doing these local races.podium3

Seeing Christina’s smile on the podium was the culmination to an awesome day.


This fabulous post was written by one of our awesome bella volunteers ~ Send me your race results so I can post them here!!


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