The NorCal chapter of Velo Bella includes members in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Area, as well as riders in Sacramento, the Central Valley, San Luis Obispo and even the Sierras. Our members participate in road, mtb, track and cyclocross racing with a particular fondness for cross. We also sponsor the fabulous Surf City Cyclocross race.

For more information on the NorCal region, contact Sabine


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Meet Our Team:

Laura Sanchez
Andi Mackie
Alex Fabbro
Linda Locke
Erika Donald
Sarah Kerlin
Andea Monroe
Stella Carey
Erin Kassoy
Dawn Weathersbee
Cynthia Robles
Maria Perez
Katie Norton
Eliece Horton
Janet Lowery
Dana Lookadoo
Goldi Jacques-Maynes
Esther Kim
Jen See
Becky Dyas
Heidi Horton
Dionne Knudsen
April Hamlin
Susie Barber
Sabine Dukes
Tracie Nelson
Heather Kirkby
Monica Neilson
Liz Benishin
Ryan Hostetter
Ann Fitzsimmons
Elizabeth Caraker
Amy Abele
Kathleen Bortolussi
Andi Smith
Katrina Loera
Marian Hunting
Beth Welliver
Parry Kintz
Jeni Brookes
Bonnie Darrah
Kelly Miller
Anna Holden
Tracy Loper
Sherri Lehman
Janet LeFleur
Julie Starling

Natasha Perry
Soni Andreini Poulsen
Sue Lovecchio
Daphne Hodgson
Denise Ramirez
Gail DeCamp
Amy Hall
Barb Howe
Betty Jordan
Nancy Wright
Nancy Farzan
Niki Bumbaca
Marian Jamison  
Alyson Lowery
Heidi Kanayan
Brenda Cranford
Karin Jeffery
Lula Vecchi
Cindy Shambaugh
Thea Rusthoven
Julie Porter
Michelle Perez
Brittany O’Dale