Pro Cyclocross

We are Velo Bella-Ellsworth

The Velo Bella-Ellsworth pro cyclocross team competes in races throughout the United States and around the world. You’ll find Velo Bella-Ellsworth riders everywhere from your local ‘cross race to the World Championships. We are also dedicated to supporting up-and-coming riders and our successes include winning U23 national titles and sending riders to ride the World Championships. Many Velo Bella-Ellsworth riders compete in multiple cycling disciplines and while some Bellas race full-time, others balance their competitive ambitions with university and professional commitments. Wherever we go, we bring our trademark flair and our joyous enthusiasm to racing our bikes.

Meet the Velo Bella-Ellsworth Team

★  Shannon Gibson  ★  Durango  ★  Colorado

★  Rebecca Gross  ★  Durango ★  Colorado

★  Jen Tilley  ★  Boulder  ★  Colorado

★  Emily Benson  ★  Medina ★ Ohio

And They’re OFF!

Meet the 2010 VB Elite Cyclocross Team

Already, the Velo Bella-Ellsworth cyclocross team is off to the races.  Long-time elite MTB and CX Velo Bella Jen Tilley lined up in Boulder with a star-studded field of over twenty-five women. Tilley rode to an a seventh place finish for a nice early season result in very fast company.

As a team we’re really proud of Jen’s performance at this race.  She’s coming off of a long mountain bike season and jumped right into cyclocross’ top ten.  Way to go, Jen!

New to our team is Emily Benson.  A relative newcomer to the sport, she has jumped into racing and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with!  We caught up with her after the first race in her home state of Ohio and she had this to say:  ”Last weekend I did the first race in a local Northeast Ohio series…the results aren’t online yet, so I have no idea how I placed.  I took a wrong turn on a weirdly marked portion of the course, then had to work to gain a lot of ground back…not so sure about placing, and that definitely isn’t helpful in any way, but next weekend is the Cincinnati UCI weekend. I’m stoked”

We’re stoked for you, Emily!  Keep up the good work and keep ‘er between the tape!  If you can make it, come on out to cheer on Emily and see some great racing action!

Velo Bella powerhouse Shannon Gibson and Rebecca Gross battled it out in the ever silly-fast Cross Vegas elite women’s field during Interbike week.  We’re looking for great things from these two riders and excited to cheer them on this year!

In 2010, Velo Bella’s elite cyclocross team will focus on the US Gran Prix Cyclocross Series and the National Championships. Velo Bella’s calendar includes over 30 local races, UCI events, and regional championships. The team plans to have a strong presence at North American UCI events and Nationals.

And we’re just getting started!

More Cowbell

Velo Bella-Ellsworth riders race all over the United States and around the world. Just look for the stylish Ellsworth bikes and flairalicious Velo Bella colors. Here is a selection of our upcoming race dates. Bring your cowbells and cheer your teammates on in these locations!

★ CrossVegas ★Cyclocross Nationals ★ Ohio Valley CX ★ Gran Prix of Cyclocross ★ Louisville ★ Ft Collins ★ Portland ★ Boulder Cross ★Dam Cross ★San Dimas ★ Frisco, CO ★

Keeping up with the Bellas

Watch for more tales of Velo Bella exploits in VeloNews and Cyclocross Magazine. Check back here at the Velo Bella blog for stories about all our adventures. Click through our photo gallery to see the Cross team in action. You can also follow Velo Bella riders on their personal blogs. Stop by for a visit with Shannon GibsonEmily BensonRebecca Gross and Jennifer Tilley.


Name: ★Shannon Gibson ★

Hometown: Durango, CO

Best CX Moment: Winning 40+ Nats in Dec 07

Goal for this season: Win 45Nats, top 20 in elite

Tell us something about yourself: juggling cycling and working like most other folks, enjoy bike community and friends from 8 years of racing

Other Non-Bike activities: ocean swimming, stand up paddle, yoga, coffee and chocolate!

Name: ★Jennifer Tilley ★

Hometown: Living in Carbondale, CO at the moment…

Best CX Moment: Racing cross on the east coast (Gloucester) and having a great race- a random spectator yelled out as I rode by, “you’re my favorite racer!” ha! that was cool.

Hope or Goal for this season: To race stronger than I ever have, and to make it to a USGP as well as CX Nationals.

Tell us something about yourself: I used to live in Boulder, CO and last year moved to Carbondale, CO to be with my fiance’. I am getting married next year in Crested Butte, CO. Together we have 2 doggies, Casey and Lucy. I have been racing with VB on the mtb and/or cross for many years, and have met so many amazing people along the way!

Other Non-Bike activities: I also do other things besides ride a bike… I snowboard, ski, skate ski, go hiking with the pups, i finally learned to surf in Mexico, and run occasionally. I tried to grow some tomatoes and other veggies but its too cold at night where I live I guess…

Name: ★Rebecca Gross ★

Hometown: Ithaca, NY , but currently Durango

Best XC moment: in TX back in ’05 during a race, I passed this group of old guys going up a hill really fast and they were super surprised. this year at a race in colorado we had a mass start from the town and up a big road hill. I was successfully toying with a couple of men climbing around me. I didn’t realize I had the ability to psych them out!

Goal for this season: lots of racing and going fast! I love it!

Tell us something about yourself: Now that I’m unemployed it’s good to devote more time to the bike!

Other non-bike activities: Equine sports, Flying, looking for a job that I WANT to do!

Name: ★Emily Benson ★

Hometown: Medina, Ohio

Best CX Moment: Lining up at my first UCI race, and being accepted to the Velo Bella Elite CX team =)

Goal for this season: Top 15 at USGP Louisville

Tell us something about yourself: I’m rather excitable and fascinated with practically everything. When I grow up I’m going to be a pediatric neuropsychologist, play my viola in a bluegrass/folk band, live in a yurt, have an amazing garden and composting area…and continue to race bikes! After this season, I’m going to complement my winter weight-training with bouldering, then do some bouldering competitions in late winter/early spring. I love the smell of sassafras leaves.

Other Non-Bike activities: Going to class, working on my undergraduate research project, foraging food, (this past summer I tried to live mostly off of food I foraged in my community. It was a great experience.) I make a mean cupcake and raspberry frosting (…especially at 2 a.m.) I have a secret obsession regarding TED Talks, Italian Renaissance literature, existential literature, and raw beets with maple syrup on them.

Here at Velo Bella-Ellsworth we love Cross. Former team rider Devon Haskell  says it best:
The fall is my favorite time of the year. The heat of the summer dies down, the leaves begin to change, and cyclocross season begins!!! I love everything about ‘cross… the laid back and happy atmosphere, the enthusiastic fans with loud cowbells, and spending 45 minutes going all out winding around parks, through mud, and over barriers. I love sharing my enthusiasm for the sport and seeing first timers try a cross race. Usually once someone tries cross, she is hooked!