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Meet The Team!
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Amy Larson
Amy LarsonAge group- 40-44
Where you can find me when I’m not training- Working full time for a biotech company and hanging with my awesome husband, our 2 (canine) boys, and great friends.
Best race experience- Qualifying for Kona at Oceanside 70.3 in 2010
Worst race experience- Hyperventilating during the swim at IronGirl Las Vegas in 2009 and grabbing onto a kayak – twice. I thought that swim would never end….
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Don’t Stop Believin’

Christine Silcox
Christine SilcoxAge group- 40-44
Where you can find me when I’m not training- Running around with my 3 cute girls, ages 4, 51/2 and 8.
Best race experience- Bulldog 2008: Working with the “Bellaton” team to ride a fast race and not too shabby of a finish either. This was also a fantastic Velo Bella effort that landed so many Bellas on the podium!
Worst race experience- How does getting your monthly nemesis on the run at Oceanside 70.3 sound- just imagine the pretty photos I have as a keepsake.
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Little Bob Marley- Don’t Worry About a Thing- Cause Every Little Thing’s gonna be all right…. (you need this kind of song with 3 girls and their drama
Grab bag- Life is not a stat or a Time Trial. Enjoy the road that gets you there.

DeeAnn Bonnell Smith
Age group- 40-44
Where you can find me when I’m not training- Coaching other triathletes, runners & cyclists, but hopefully on my Mountain bike!
Best race experience- Completing Alcatraz Triathlon the first time back in 2001!
Worst race experience- Having to DNF at Clearwater in 2006, stress fracture in my foot!
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Not sure it is my philosophy but the song I sing when I am racing is “I feel good!” by James Brown. It makes me smile!

Jackie Bickford
Jackie BickfordAge group- 50-54
Where you can find me when I’m not training- At work for the City of Oceanside or watching a movie or playing with my grandkids.
Best race experience- Finishing my first triathlon Oct 2007
Worst race experience- California 70.3 March 2010-bike troubles
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Eye of the Tiger!!!!
Grab bag- No matter how the race goes or how slow I am, it’s all about the finish line photo….

Jodi Hays
Jodi HaysAge group- 45-49
Where you can find me when I’m not training- I’m a mom to two young (triathletes to be) boys and one surfer chick , On a sunny day I might be paddle boarding at the Lagoon, I coach Saturday mornings and other wise I am probably eating popcorn or sleeping.
Best race experience-Finishing Full Vineman August 2009 and finding out that I was three hours faster than I thought I was:) (the eyes are a terrible thing to go)
Worst race experience- Coming down with the stomach flu at the start of Rock N Roll Marathon and struggling to complete 6 miles before calling it a day, and then trying to get back to my car. AU UGH
Song that best describes my race philosophy-“Running with the Devil”
Grab bag-When things get tough, my mantra is “Find enjoyment in this moment, it will never happen again!”

Lynn Scozzari
Lynn ScozzariAge group- 50-54
Where you can find me when I’m not training- Doing laundry, cooking and chauffeuring for my teenage son, leading Weight Watchers meetings, attending PTA meetings, taking care of my fur people (3 cats and a rowdy dog), oh and my house and spending time with my husband and friends and a bit of writing, poetry and essays when the spirit moves me.
Best race experience- Finishing within minutes of Boston Qualifying in my 2nd ever marathon(May 2010) tied with the feeling of finishing my first ever tri in April 2008 — see next answer
Worst race experience- First triathlon ever, when I couldn’t see my hand in the murky water,started hyperventilating and finished the swim with mostly breast stroke. (April 2008)
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
Grab bag- I listen to NPR podcasts on long rides, especially Fresh Air and Radio lab. I imagine a giant, gentle hand on my back during tough runs that effortlessly pushes me forward.

Raja Lahti
Raja LahtiAge group- 30-34
Where you can find me when I’m not training- In my car working in pharmaceutial sales. Somewhere between San Diego, Palm Springs and Yuma….
Best race experience- Crossing the finish line at the ITU Age Group World Championships 2009 Gold Coast, Australia
Worst race experience- Swimming backwards at USAT National Championships 2009 in Tuscaloosa, AL. It was a heck of a current. Sucked. As soon as I hit solid ground I went nuts and PR’s in both bike & run. Unfortunately it still didn’t make up for swimming backwards..
Song that best describes my race philosophy- I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas
Grab bag- I need my horse fix, keeps me sane

Stacy Dietrich
Stacy DietrichAge group- 30-34
Where you can find me when I’m not training- At my full time job selling pharmaceutical at Allergan Inc. Also spending quality time with my 6 month old, Thomas, and husband, Ryan
Best race experience- Finishing 11th in my age group at my first Ironman in 2008
Worst race experience- Baja 70.3 about four years ago. I went way too hard on the bike and bonked so bad on the run I had to walk most of it not to mention the “stomach issues”
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Circus theme song Mostly just describes my life in general and my day to day adventures.
Grab bag- “Pain is only temporary…”

Victoria Jones
Victoria JonesAge group- 50-54
Where you can find me if I’m not training- I’m a Mom and a part-time Certified Public Accountant.
Best race experience- Winning my age group for the first time.
Worst race experience- Getting swimming induced pulmonary edema (SIPE) during a triathlon. I was VERY thankful for rescue kayakers that day.
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Til I Collapse by Eminem
Grab bag – I have a wonderfully supportive husband who insists that I have all the latest triathlon equipment. So if I lose a race, it had nothing to do with not having the right bike, helmet, or wheels, etc. It’s the monkey.

Whitney DeSpain
Whitney DeSpainAge group- 35 – 39
Where you can find me when I’m not training- I’m a mom to a 6 year old mini-Bella, I coach, and I work part time at B&L Bike Store
Best race experience- Finishing Ironman Arizona in April of 2008
Worst race experience- Not finishing Ironman Saint George in May of 2010
Song that best describes my race philosophy- Where the Streets Have No Name
Grab bag- When things get tough, my mantra is “You are stronger than you think you are, you can do more than you think you can do”