We are a group of Bellas who inspire, encourage and support each other as we ride, run and swim. Whether you are an experienced cyclist, a newbie excited about trying your first race, an age-grouper triathlete, or are just looking for a group of supportive women to ride with- come join us! The SoCal chapter of Velo Bella is mainly located in the greater San Diego region, although we have racer chicks throughout southern California.

For more information on the SoCal region, contact Whitney.

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Meet The 2010 Team:

Alyssa Freas Jackie Bickford Marlene Carter
Amara Silva Janet Little Melina Marileth
Amy Larson Jean Mueller Meredith Caccese
Amy Utter Jennifer Yake Rachelle Lash
Annick LeGall Jiea Kim Rahil Swigart
Audrey Strojnys Jodi Hays Raja Lahti
Bethany H Joy Muehlenbein Renee Reinke
BJ Hixon Joyce Conklin Ryan Hostetter
Bevin Keen Judy Richwine Sally Smith
Brianne Carter Julia Uhlendorf Sandra Fairchild
Chris Desrochers Karen Byrne Shannon Faseler
Christine Silcox Karen Casey Sherry Mesman
Cindy “CZ” O’Grady Kathryn Reid Sonali Ratermann
DeeAnn Smith Kelly Morgan Stacey Kotrla
Deanna Garcia LaDawn Allen Stacy Dietrich
Ellen Kirk Leslie Lemming Stacy Schlocker
Erin Horan Gonzales Lori Maloof Tamar Gale
Eva Goetze Lori Schneider Terri Espinosa
Gina Thomas Lynn Scozzari TracyAnn Perry
Gwyn Benedict Madelyn Horton Trish Kilby
Hannah Echvahl Marian Hunting Victoria Jones
Heather Miraflor Marilyn Fournier Whitney DeSpain
Heather Nelson Heidi Kanayan Yvette Vonder Harr