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01/18/04 - 2004 Clothing Order
Check out our cool jersey!Our 2004 Clothing Order has begun! Don't miss out on your chance to order the best looking (dare I say sexiest?) kit out there.

Order Form
Download Clothing Order FormDownload and print the 2004 Velo Bella - Clothing Order Form (PDF* 50K).

A PDF of the Verge catalog is available on line.

[02/04/04 Update - ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED]

01/12/04 - 2003 Final Numbers
Holy shit! Were we busy in 2003 or what? We raced our buns off!
A final look back at 2003 Race Results reveals:

  • We raced in 178 different races!
  • We made the Top Five 233 times!
  • We WON 53 times!
  • We raced in NRC events, NORBA events, NorCal Road and MTB races, triathlons, 24-Hour events, track events and of course, cyclocross.

This does not count all of the Saturday Morning Rides, Beat the Boys up the Climb, bike path crits, beer drinking contests, dance-a-thons, American Idol, and other unofficial contests in which we may have competed.

01/10/04 - Of Interest
If you are anything like me, you like to keep up with all the latest cycling news. While most of it is fluffy reading that kills the time, every now and then an article of substance is posted. When you have a moment, be sure to check out this article concerning inconsistencies in the appliclation of doping penalties

Also of interest is this tidbit concerning Alison Dunlap's Olympic troubles.

01/07/04 - I Need a Moment
I could not have suvived Cyclocross Season without the invaluable and
unselfish help of Amy Hall, who not only gave up her Sundays, but also chipped in some great prizes from Il Forniao. Thank you, Amy. It's people like you that making running this team the joy that it is.

Okay, enough of that. Moment's over. Run along now.

01/06/04 - Dirty Dozen Update
You are on the edge of your seat wondering if we made it in the Dirty Dozen Contest, aren't you. Well, have no fear and wait no more. We made it! We convinced a Baker's Dozen. 13 women who have never raced cross came out and gave it a try. Congratulations to these lovely and brave ladies:

  1. Nancy Vallance
  2. Laura Keller
  3. Gail DeCamp
  4. Susanne DeCosterd
  5. Ashlyn Coats
  6. Lisa Safstrom
  7. Valerie Mangin
  8. Kathleen Tokuda
  9. Amy Hall
  10. Suzy Nahlik
  11. Tracie Nelson
  12. Barbara Howe
  13. Alex Fabbro

Their prizes are on their way!

01/05/04 - Fat Cross Lady Sings
Cross season is officially over in NorCal. Although judging by attendance at the last couple of races, it was sort of "over" right after Nationals. Still, a hearty few attended the final race, and they were amply rewarded with fabulous series prizes.

Of course, the most fabulous of the prizes were the Velo Bella prizes we donated to all B women.

  • Look close at how fabulous they are!
  • Look at the fabulous winners, whom we made smile!

Check out the sweet thank you we received from Sarah Bamberger, Sycip, overall Women's B winner:

"I just wanted to say thanks for being so cool and crafty and fun with the prizes that Velobella gave for the Pilarcitos series. I love the idea of getting non-cycling related stuff and reminding everyone how it's okay to reclaim your girliness (especially since every chica kicks butt on a bike).

Glitter and sparkles on you,

Glitter and sparkles to you, too, Sarah. Whatever that means.

::CONGRATS to our bellas who finished as follows in the overall standings::

Karen Kaevaufer, 3rd Place, B Women
Valerie Mangin, 4th Place, C Women
Andi Mackie, 1st Place, Women 35
Marguerite Meyer, 2nd Place, Women 35

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Team Velo BellaVelo Bella in-the-mud style at Cyclocross Nationals Velo Bella in-the-mud style at Cyclocross Nationals











Amy Hall. Dirty Dozen racer,also donates time and Il Fornaio prizes! Yum!Amy Hall. Dirty Dozen racer,also donates time and Il Fornaio prizes! Yum!












Our Pilarcitos Prizes are fabulous glitter and sparklesOur Pilarcitos Prizes are fabulous glitter and sparkles





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