Peep Show

November 30, 2005

Hans posted another one. This time its from Surf City Halloweenie.

Another win for Ann!

November 29, 2005

was on fire at the Central Coast CX race #4. Her form is just coming on, just in time. Ann is gonna whoop my ass into shape on those Fox Racing lunch rides. Hell ya, bring it Ann, bring it.

Also playing at the BMX park that day, were bellas, AmyAbele and Julie Starling, who have raced just about every CX race under the Nor Cal sun this year.

Ooo and..lookie, there’s a little Velonews article on Ann’s win.

Surf City Series Winners

November 28, 2005

Lift up your tiki mugs for a quick salut to our Overall Surf City Series Winners:

Men A – Ben Jacques-Maynes (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)
Women A – Sarah Kerlin (Velo Bella)
Junior A – Logan Loader (Alan Bike)
Men 35+A – David Eastwood (Art by Opsal)
Men 45+A – Larry Hibbard (Family Cycling Center)
Women 35+ – Melinda Jones (Team Santa Cruz)
Women B – Katrina Baumsteiger (Black Market Racing)
Women C – Juliana Perry (Dirty Diaper)
Jr Women – Meri Meighan (Velo Bella)
Jr Men B – Jesse Nickell (Bicycle Trip)
Men B – Robert Mau
Master 35+B – Murray Swanson (Pen Velo/Kondra Systems)
Master 45+B – Dwight Goss (Redwood Riders)
Men C – Eric Lowe
Singlespeed – Rich Maile (Art by Opsal)

Full overall results are here

Thanks for playing at our little luau…see you next year.

Wendy Simms Interview

November 25, 2005

All about Wendy! On Cyclingnews. We can’t wait to have her flying bella colors.

Abby’s First Race

November 23, 2005

Barry Wicks Dominates, Lynn Bessette Hangs Tough, and A.J. Hendricks DeclaresVictory!

As the rest of the US has already gone through a cord of firewood this fall, ther ace venue for Surf City 3 & USGP 5 was baked by an offshore wind this Saturday. People unfamiliar to this region might have been surprised, but fall furnace-like conditions aren’ tunknown along the California coast, as evidenced in the Oakland Hills not too many years ago.

While I was lucky enough to attend all 3 of this years Bella sponsored CXevents, this would be my 3-year old daughter Abby’s second all-day CX outing of the season. We visited CCCX event a week prior, but the stay was short-lived, as Abby “A.J.”wanted to avoid the starter’s whistle and venture off to a nearby farm stand for hot french fried artichokes and an ice-cold “Squirt (which she likes because it has a “Zippytaste”).

Anyway, through the night before Surf City, I packed the family SUV packed tothe gills with:
3 cases of freshly-labeled podium champagne;
1 6-pack of similarly labeled bubbly Apple Juice;
2 cases of ultra-cool “U Bastard” tiki mugs;
1 bottle of Silver-Label Patron;
4 limes;
1 large shaker of Morton Salt;
1 red stake-bed Radio Flyer wagon;
Abby’s Pink with White Kitties Specialized Singlespeed.

This might have been an odd packing list for anything else, but for a Velo Bella”Event”, it seemed just right.

Since Abby has all but ignored the bike for the last few weeks, I wasn’t too sure how much action the bike would see, but I loaded it up “just in case”. For some reason on the drive up, Abby became quite clear that she was ready toget her hula on with the Bellas. We had packed her baby-sized pink hula skirt, which shewasn’t interested in, but the flower bracelet from flair princess Laura was gladly received. As soon as champagne and tiki mug deliveries were done, we had to rush over tothe “Patron Feed Zone” for Robin. We had forgotten just about everything to properly attend to her, including our limes, but after a quick detour to parking, Robin was back on her way with a bit more than endorphins about to kick in.

By that time, Abby decided to get warmed up for her race, and she demanded that the race should begin once she jumped on her pink kitty bike with her helmet on. If there was apoint in her life where she decided she was a Bella, there was no question now,as she proudly proclaimed to any that would listen what her club affiliation was. Finally, after signing the waiver, warming up, having Laura pin on her “lucky”number, and figuring out which way to spin her pedals, we were ready to head to “The MainEvent”. As we headed over, there was already a couple of 8 to 10 years olds tearing up thecourse with their CX converted 20″ BMX rigs. No worries for 3 year old Abby on her 16inch kitty bike – once I explained that the older kids would soon be spent, she was sure to dominate the course.

By the way, great course layout on the Kiddies – It even had a zigzag around some barns and a dirt run-up.

As the last of kids started lining up, trying their best to position themselves for their sprint to the first barrier, Abby remained calm, and even laid downsome smack to the bigger riders. (One great footnote – as the kiddie riders lined up fortheir race, Kona Pro Wendy Simms was there to cheer on their start – now that’s a class act).

Once the flag dropped, the other kids were off through the tall grass like wounded banshees. One kiddie-“pro” took a face-plant within a couple feet of the start, so Abby actually made it over the first set of barriers without being last (I guess I should mention Iwas “helping” with horsepower, steering, and occasional lift). Even though her rig was Papa-powered, I was extremely proud of Abby – she smiled the whole way, she did her best to pedal the whole time, and she stayed glued to that bike, through ditches, grass, off-camber turns, and even while “flying” over the barriers. While Abby was ready to take the race the whole distance, I was dropping fast. The crowd wildly cheered us on as we gassed it down the home stretch. As we came to a stop, I had Abby give out a very deserving victory salute, after which she pretty much assumed that she was ready to take the podium and claim her prizes and treats from Valerie.

From that point on, Abby was a veteran. For a long while after, she practiced her dismounts by taking somersaults off her bike onto her back into the grass. She even discovered the “real” USGP podium, upon which she hopped from level to level, trying them on for size while reaching her arms in the air (She even had to be shooedoff whenthe Women’s pros arrived to accept their awards).

And oh, yeah, Bessette and Wicks won their respective races. And ChristineVardaros kicked some serious ass in that heat. Frankly, all of the Bella pros were amazing to watch, and congrats to all therest of Bellas in their races and to all the amazing volunteers – women who hula are coola, & girls who wear grass haul ass.

Surf City Afterthoughts

November 23, 2005

The ladies write:

Thanks to all of the great people that were involved in today’s event!

The Fresno Bellas decided at the last minute to join the festivities and we are so glad we made the trip. It was our first cross event ever; we borrowed bikes, learned to shift, adapted to those crazy egg beater pedals and boy…….was it worth it! We had a blast.

We donned our lei’s and rolled up to the starting line amongst our fellow teammates, all of which were incredible encouraging. With only 2 miles of mountain biking experience under my belt, I was a bit worried for those around me.I won a super cute Pearl Izumi jersey and Liz took home the Lemond! Thanks for coordinating such a beginner friendly race!


As always – you guys rock!!
If you have not already heard the news – we are the second coming! We not only threw a great race but we wowed the UCI -no mean feat!

I want to thank everyone who came out, not just yesterday, but for the whole series. We could never do what we did without all of the wonderful and dedicated help we have. I for one, am most thankful to all of you for spending your days in the trenches doing what ever it takes to put on such fabulous races – and with frizzle frazzle too!! How many otherclubs/promoters can do that, I ask you!

Untill next time,
-Amy (I never want to see a waiver again) Hall

Hi Bellas and Fellas and everyone that made Watsonville happen:

I’d like to send my thanks out to everyone that worked their arses off to put the race together. The course was outstanding, one of the best I’ve ever ridden, the vibe was second to none. Everyone in their grass skirts and officials in leis made me smile. It seemed like the weather was in on the tiki theme, next year how about igloos and polar bears?
one million thanks

Yay, Bellas!
I loved my first cyclocross experience on Saturday–every time I think about it I get this big sh*&-eatin’ grin on my face (and my imitations trying to get myself and my mtb over barriers have convulsed everyone in my office).

True confession: this roadie was TERRIFIED after pre-riding the course. I ride my mountain bike maybe 5x/year and don’t really quite have the hang of clipping into spd pedals (or not crashing). So my first lap was pretty tentative–mostly about staying up and not taking anyone else out. On my second lap, I started to think about moving up and passing people. On my third lap, I finally rode that loose dirt section w/out having to dab. On the final lap, I was downright aggressive (so much so that I finally took myself out in one of the corners).

Thank you for the first-timer kit, the friendly advice, and the generous cheering. I’ll be back next year!

What a way to finish up my birthday:
Loved meeting so many bellas, listening to training talk and getting my first experience of ‘crossracing … I am definitely hooked and looking forward to racing on “Julius,” the gorgeous orange Lemond I was thrilled to win! I haven’t stopped talking about the Bellas, the race … and of course I’m now sleeping with Julius in my Surf City tee. BTW: the food was incredible!
-Fresno Bella ‘Liz

Surf City #3 in the news

November 22, 2005

Velonews has a pretty cool story.
Cyclinngnews has one complete with Abbiorca pics

And some photos are here:

Jam Photo
Miss Mary

And a Peep Show here:
Hans Kellner

Surf City 2005

November 22, 2005

Thank you to everyone for coming out and helping at/racing our funny little series. We hope you all noticed that amidst the silliness, 3 things were paramount:
Great course, fast results, good time.

After we recover, we will be looking at whether or not we can do it again. As much as we (I) want to keep the series alive, its a huge undertaking. We welcome any feedback, suggestions, etc you have. I know I’ve already got my improvement list, just in case.

Results and photos are all here.

I personally want to thank:
*Brent Chapman for venue selection and fabu course design
*Miss Mary and Jeni for the world’s best clinic
*Clinic instructors:
Sarah Kerlin, Melodie Metzger, Camen D’Aluisio, Chris D’Aluisio, Ben Jacques-Maynes, Stella Carey, Ann Fitzsimmons, Simon Vickers, and Josie Beggs.
*Jeff Clark – just about everything
*DJ Grant Stoner for the tunes
*Miss Mary again for the food
*Steve Litvin for the USGP insight, the expo, and the boogie
*Laura Sanchez – Booth babe to end all booth babes
*Valerie Mangin – For keeping kiddie kross alive!
*Pazzo – for capturing our personality so well in graphics
*Dave, Matt, Tim, Jeff H, Steve, Chris, Anthony, and other course set up/take down regulars
*All the Bella, SCCC, and other race day volunteers
*And the one and only Amy Hall

Women’s C Challenge!!

November 22, 2005

What a huge success the Cat C Challenge was. We had 40 women on the line for the start of the race. I’m hoping many of you return for more. Got this swell email from Amy about it:

“Awesome race on Saturday! Congratulations for putting on a first class event!

Here is a picture of Liz with her new LEMOND! I was so thrilled that she won the bike. If the bike shop hoped to get more women interested in cross racing they certainly suceeded. Liz, Denise, Heidi and I all talked each other into doing the race totally at the last minute. I hadn’t been on my mountain bike in over six years and Liz borrowed a mountain bike that was way too big just the night before the race. We were all motivated by the chance to win a bike but had such a blast we will be back for more cross action soon! I am in for next years cross season for sure. Now I just have to find a cross bike for myself!”

Huge thank you to Bicycle Trip and for their support of women’s racing.

Speaking of Patrons, we raise a shot of Patron to the following:

Stacy Marple (UC Berkeley)
Maureen Kunz (Cal Cycling)
Emma Worldpeace (Cal Cycling)
Julianna Perry (Dirty Diaper)
Brianna Hand (Cal Cycling)
Ryan Hostetter (Cal Poly SLO)
Erika Donald (Velo Bella)
Kim Natzel (Bay Area Velo Girls)
Soni Andreinipoulser (Safeway)
Katie Behroozi (Velo Girls)
Jennifer Davis
Doris Lara
Marian Hunting (missing link)
Amy Fisher (Velo Bella)
Kathleen Farley
Kelley Colditz (Cal Poly Wheelmen)
Kristie Hamilton (
Jen Coler
Jackie Wheeler
Elizabeth Garcia
Candace Hedum
Marisa Strong (SF Sport & Spine)
Katrina Loera (Velo Bella)
Winona Hubbard (SCCCC)
Samantha Sommer (Team Santa Cruz)
Heidi Horton (Velo Bella)
Lauren Haughey (SF Sport & Spine)
Susan Brown (Ride Tribe)
Denise Ramirez (Velo Bella)
Yvonne Ebberoth (Ride Tribe)
Cathy Boland (Velo Bella)
Schuyler Bartholomay (CP SLO Wheelmen)
Liz McAfee (Velo Bella)
Anna L’hommedieu
Amy Foxgrover
Jackie Mann (Ride Tribe)
Robyn Jensen (Velo Bella)

Local Coverage: Come an get it

November 18, 2005

We got a nice little mention in yesterday’s local paper

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