Cyclocross World Championships

January 31, 2008

By Amy Dombroski
Durango, Colorado

Ready to roll……in racing form – so serious.

It was slick and slippery.
Hard to go hard because the focus was on keeping up-right.

The fans were crazy on the steep run-up.

The race was amazing, and so was my post-race meal.

And then we watched the men’s race with all the super-fans.

Jonathan Page on the stairs.

Tim Johnson after the stairs.

It was real and surreal.
Thanks to everyone for your incredible support!
This wouldn’t have been possible without you!


Editor’s note: Below is a brief video from the Worlds race. I believe I saw Amy on her Bellalicious Kona fly by. Ooh la la!

Time to come out of hiding

January 30, 2008


I know what it’s like looking in the mirror after a shower and you wished you had your sunglasses on. Those legs are so narly white that you can see the blood pumping through the vessels. ewe. every lump is excentuated with the florescence of the unnatural lighting we have to deal with during these dismal, gloomy months, creating even larger shadows in the hail damage we have to deal with as woman on the backs of our thighs.

Well it’s time to start thinking "PINK." Get those orders in for
those sweet jerseys this year cause we’re gonna have some fun. I say more fun rides in the early spring to get the blood flowing and the pink happenin’ . We have a job to withhold this year. "The most fun team out there!" So lets see some action on the list se rve. I’m starting to think everyone has turned to soap opera’s or daytime talk shows. Say it isn’t so. I miss my girls! I don’t miss my invisible friends. Here’s what they look like and they’re pretty darn cute:

January 27, 2008

World Cyclocross Championships, Italy
21st, Amy Dombroski, Elite Women

Peak Season Cyclocross Series #4–Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, CA
2nd, Beth Welliver, Women B
2nd, Eliece Horton, Women C

Peak Season Cyclocross Overall Series Results, CA
5th, Ann Fitzsimmons, Women A
8th, Andi Mackie, Women A
2nd, Beth Welliver, Women B
5th, Niki Bumbaca, Women B
6th, Katrina Loera, Women B
7th, Eliece Horton, Women C
9th, Liz McAfee, Women C

January 27, 2008

Early Bird Road Race, CA
3rd, Thea Rusthoven, Women 4

Dear EVERY Velo Bella across the US,

January 25, 2008

In late September I was scrambling, pleading to find someone to support me in cyclocross, for a team to ride with. My procrastination was getting the best of me again. I began searching the results for team ideas from all the 2006 local races and from nationals, then Googling the names in attempt to find some sort of contact information. But then what? What to write when you know it is far too late in the year for a team director to welcome you aboard? What to write for yourself when you know it is your own fault for assuming things will work out? Things always work out, right?

Well, actually, yes…everything worked out splendidly. Alex Burgess, Velo Bella – Kona Team Director called me back the next day. Without the normal formality of a phone conversation, Alex got right down to business. “Ok, I remember you being a peanut, so will a 47cm frame work?” “That was a Selle San Marco saddle you were riding right? Was it the Aspide or the Blaze?” “Sidi shoes, right? Kids shoe or do you have to wear triple layers of socks to fit into an adult shoe?” “And your helmet…that Giro looked like a melon on you…we’ll get you their smallest size.”

Geez, I thought, creepy, who is this guy? This guy is one of the most selfless people in the cycling world. See him in his pink suit with his purple boa – his life seems to be centered on supporting women in this world of a man-dominated sport.

Well that was easy. But then he asked for my goals…something I have never been very good at communicating. I can’t remember what I stumble-mumbled out, but after Alex said “…hmm…” I knew it wasn’t what he was looking for. “How about you go out there and race your bike when you want to and have fun, and smile for goodness sake!” Wow, pretty laid back and relaxed; this will be a low key year.

From there things turned into a whirlwind of a year. I started riding faster, and with the 2006 U23 title, Alex wanted me at the USGP’s. So I started traveling and not only was the support incredible, but I was meeting new Velo Bellas on my new team every weekend. After traveling to races alone last cyclocross season, I embraced this amazing new change, and was so excited to have fun, smart and smiling teammates. I never did meet every single one of my seventeen teammates, but my 2007 cyclocross season as a Velo Bella has left me forever a Bella.

To all the Velo Bellas who made my trip to Worlds possible, I cannot thank you enough; your generosity and support has been overwhelming. Truly, this trip would not have been possible without the plethora of outreach from the Velo Bella family. I am having the time of my life here in Italy and Belgium, racing my bike, enjoying eye-opening new experiences, sampling new and delicious foods, and loving every second. I am happy that I have been able to be a part of the Velo Bella story and look forward to the coming years.


Treviso, Italy

Hoogerheide World Cup

January 24, 2008

Bella Sighting!

Editor’s note: If you are not an afficionado of techno, you might want to be muting the sound. Or, crank it up and dance around your living room. We’ll never tell!

Tennessee Bellas ‘Cross It Up!

January 22, 2008

Top to Bottom: Laura, Jennifer, Angela, Abby, Dina

Tennessee Bellas have been sharpening their cyclocross skills in the in the ’07-’08 season.

The fun began with the Nashville Cyclocross series. Races 1 and 2 were held in October ‘07, and races 3 and 4 were held in November ’07. Dina Pezzimenti (who has since moved back to NC….we miss you!) went on to win the Category 4 Women’s series, with Bellas Angela Brown, Laura Sweeney, and Abby Olson making appearances at the races in Category 4.

Next, the Tennessee Bellas conquered the Columbia series. The Columbia Cyclocross series consists of four races held over two weekends each January at Chickasaw Trace Park in Columbia, Tennessee. Weather was rainy with decent temperatures the first weekend, with things dipping sharply below freezing with a bone-chilling wind to boot on the second weekend. Bellas Angela Brown and Laura Sweeney raced the entire ’08 series, with Angela claiming the title of Category 4 Women’s Champion in the 30-minute races. Expert MTB racer Jennifer Morehead raced in the first race of the series in the Category 1/2/3 Women’s 45-minute long race.

Angela also raced the 2007/2008 TN State Cyclocross Championship in Nashville, TN on January 13.

Great job, ladies! The cyclocross series in Tennessee isn’t over yet. For more races and links to results, visit the TBRA race schedule.

January 19, 2008

Masters Cyclocross World Championships, Belgium
5th, Betty Jordan, Women 50-84
4th, Andi Mackie, Women 40-49

Peak Season

January 14, 2008

By Beth Welliver
Pacific Grove, California

Another Peak Season race today. On our Saturday mountain bike ride yesterday, a few of the regular ‘crossers were chatting…we weren’t excited to do this race. Perhaps because the ‘cross season is winding down, or because the last race on this course was so bloody bumpy. Alas, I had sold my soul to the Peak Season gods at the first race and signed up for all of them, so I was forced to throw my second thoughts about racing today out the window and suck it up.

Did I mention that we climbed 3000+ feet yesterday on our Saturday mountain bike ride? Not all of that climbing was in the saddle either…a chunk of it feet on the ground beside my bike. Heave ho…

An accidently long warm-up got me to the start with seconds to spare to find that I was just one of 3 chicas racing B’s today. Automatically on the podium. Schweeeett! But also a good chance of getting last. Hmm…well, just go as long as the legs will go and see what happens.

Off the start I grab a wheel and follow behind. A good power section leading into some tight turns and then a run-up. Up the run-up, still need to learn how to get back on my bike, pedal, pedal, bump, bump, squish, squish through some mud, crap, I’m in first place. Pedal, pedal, splash (I tend to find all the mud apparently), pedal, get off, run-up (gotta get rid of this studder step remount), look back…what this? I have a lead? Schweeet!

For three and a half laps I was winning the B’s. Nevermind that there were only three of us. Then I got caught, and passed, and then a rogue raspberry bush caught me and wrapped its mean little thorns around my leg on the poison oak infested run-up. Somehow I caught back up to first place right before the last lap, but she was too strong and I got dropped like a half-hearted New Year’s resolution in the second week of January. But I still got second place, so woo-hoo!

If only I could learn how to get back on my bike faster. That’s what I’ll work on for next year. I can get off fast, run with it fast, but getting back on, not so much.

A small schmattering of racey photos from Mr. Bella Paparazzo can be found here.

January 13, 2008

Peak Season Cyclocross #3–Pinto Lake County Park, CA
2nd, Beth Welliver, Women B
2nd, Liz McAfee, Women C

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