It’s Not About the Race

It’s Not About the RaceHere is Liz’s report from mariposa:

Mariposa Stage Race

I really wanted to write up a fun report on this race—-how Soni, Sue, Cammy, Linda, Julie, Andrea and I geared up for this race, planning strategy, enlisting the help of Monica and Erika, how we had super duper teamwork and support.

I wanted to report how Sue paced me up the hillclimb stage, to help me pull back some time I lost in the TT, and how Monica lent me a pair of gloves that gave me magical sprinting power and I got enough time bonus to lead GC going into the last stage. I thought myself clever when I dubbed the neutral descent to the hillclimb start the Velo-Promo-naide.

But the joy that is the Women’s stage race turned to sadness, as we bore witness to tragedy. Our Sisterhood of Bike Racers has sustained a loss, and we grieve our loss.


Many of the Norcal Bellas have already heard about how Suzanne Rivera, a cat 4 racer from Bakersfield, died from injuries she sustained during a crash in Stage 4 of this stage race. For those of you who want more information,

Here is a link to a news article about the accident.

Here is a link to Suzanne’s obituary and there is a guestbook if you’d like to leave a condolence.