Bellas Love Time Trials!

Bellas Love Time Trials!District TT 6/10/12
Masters Women 55-59
Sattley CA

Woke up to 30 degree temperature, wow, what a difference from last week!
I really wanted to do well in this race, and now that the pavement is smoothed out, it is a national record breaking course.

Unlike last week, it was hard to warm up (maybe the freeze ass temps had to do with that) felt like I was dying every hard warm up effort. There was really no perceptible wind (start time was 8 am) and I felt fast the first part of the outbound leg. Just before the turnaround, Cammy passed me (she started 30 seconds behind) and was looking super strong. I was only the slightest shade of green with envy, because she is after all my pal and teammate! Anyway having her to follow kept me on a better pace but I really struggled to keep my power up, just like last week, but I couldn’t blame it on scorchin’ heat. My stupid shoe cover unzipped sometime during the ride and likely cost me MINUTES!!!

I did squeak in a second place, a mere 7 seconds faster than 3rd.

Great results competing with the best time trialists in the district, if not the nation (3 of those gals were on the podium last year at nationals….and we beat them all.

My legs have post timetrial traumatic syndrome and feel like lead.

Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Benishin