One Team

Suzanne wasn’t on our team, but many of us were there on the day she died at the Bootjack Road Race, and we all became one team that day. This is from Jill Gass:

One Team

Hello all, It has been just over four months since Suzanne’s accident at the Mariposa Women’s Stage Race. Someone recently inquired about how the team was doing, and if we had moved on. I think it is probably most accurate to say no…….but that we are all continuing to move through. Suzanne’s teammates who were with her in Mariposa are all riding and racing, and like many of you, think about Suzanne often.

After the accident we had numerous inquiries regarding where donations in Suzanne’s name could be sent, but at the time her family had not designated a memorial beneficiary. I have recently spoken to her husband, Scott, and it is his wish that something positive come out of this tragedy. And so the B4T9 Women’s Cycling Team will be presenting the “Suzanne Rivera Spirit Scholarship” to the West Coast Collegiate Women’s Cycling Conference (otherwise known as WCC-WCC).

B4T9 and WCC-WCC are separated by at least a full generation, but share very similar mission statements with the goal of providing women the inspiration, encouragement, and opportunity to ride and race their bikes with an emphasis on skill development and safety. Our scholarship will help provide some of the financial support needed to grow our sport. Suzanne reflected the true spirit of the joy we experience when we are on our bikes and by “paying it forward” we hope to honor that spirit.
Please check out and if you would like to make a donation in Suzanne’s honor you can mail directly to WCC-WCC director, Erica Pearsons, 2329 Northdrop Ave #217A, Sacramento, CA 95825.

And we continue to keep Suzanne and her family in our thoughts.
Many thanks for your support.
Jill Gass