Teammates are What it’s All About!

(Here is Sue’s report from the Fort Ord Circuit Race)

Teammates are What it’s All About!The older I get, the less I feel like driving to a race.  So, I figured a race literally in my backyard was a good enough reason to consider racing.  The deciding factor was when Christina Hashimoto, VB Jr racer extraordinaire , said she wanted to race the event.  OK, now I’m in!  I figured the race promoters would put all the women together and they did.  Hot damn, I get to race with the 4’s and help Christina in her 4’s race.

There were 6 Master women and approx. 15 CAT 4 women along with 3 CAT 1/2/3 all racing together.  On lap 2 of the circuit, the peloton was reduced to a strong field representing all the categories.  Having Christina in the race forced me to not to slum in the back of the peloton which is my habit.  I kept her in the front 1/3 the entire race and she stuck to my wheel like bees to honey.  She marked every move like a veteran and climbed with confidence.

Since no one could get away on the short windy climb, the race was going to come down to the slightly uphill sprint finish.  I shared with Christina where the best positioning was in the final corner and where to start her sprint.  I got her positioned right and lead her out the sprint.  She finished 3rd in her CAT 4 race and I sprinted to a first place in the old ladies category.

What made this race SO much fun was racing with Christina.  I think I was more excited that she was after the race!  I knew she could stick on the climbs because I see it every weekend when I train with her.  So, it is positioning and learning how to read a race that she is gaining valuable experience in by doing these local races.

Seeing Christina’s smile on the podium was the culmination to an awesome day.