Once a Bella, Always a Bella

Once a Bella, Always a Bella
Long Time Bella, Liz Benishin, submits her last awesome race report before she moves on to a new team.  We will miss you, Liz!!

Ooooch ouch ouch as soon as I stop cramping will get to my report…I even got a big toe cramp.

Teammates Andrea and Cammy.
BH is one of my favorites.  My first race as a cat 4, back when we had down tube shifters, big huge heart rate monitors and power meters were just a gleam in someone’s cerebrum.

While warming up watched some guy nearly get a door prize with the Porta Potty door.  That was funny.  OK anyway, the race.

I think there were maybe 15 masters gals, and 20 or so 3’s that we started with, including the girl who made Jennie’s race her last…uh, nervous!

Had a good solid ride up the neutral promenade wall and didn’t get dropped.  First lap was nice and safe but Andrea reminded me not to hang in the back and moved me up through the traffic.  Cammy was sitting pretty hammering away at the front, first time up the bears I tried to sit in but did have my nose in the wind more than I should have…we had a nice getaway gang, maybe 3 masters and a group of 3′, and at some point were joined by a few other masters, making 6 masters and maybe 5 cat 3’s.  There was some working and some sitting in, and I kind of thought with the number of MetroMints and other teams that had people up the road, and I wasn’t super worried about more people joining in.

Halfway through lap 2 all the 3 took off.  I tried to bridge but nobody was gonna let me go.  I kind of missed their horsepower especially since I was on the edge of serious cramps.  I think I peaked for bike to work day and was overtired.

Watched Cammy pretty much drill it and hammer the last lap.  I tried to stay with her on the final climb but she kept pulling away, though I was able to stay with , pass, then get dropped by the Sisterhood of Cycling gal.  Hung on for 3rd and a sweet spot on the podium.
Super prizes too since it was a Bay Area Women’s series.

On that happy note, I have some news.  And I was up all night Monday wondering shouldIshould’tI what to do…

I have an opportunity to join CA Technologies Racing, with Ex-pat bellas Deb Levine and Tracy Lillig, and will be switching teams.  I DO know that once a bella always a bella.  You guys have been super during my health challenges 5 years ago, and have been just so super awesome to race with, learn from and be buds with!

So I dab the tears from my eyes and respectfully submit my last race report.