Kim does the Black Fly Challenge!

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June 12, 2010 Indian Lake, New York

Let’s see…

It was pouring buckets and a balmy 52 degrees as we headed to Indian Lake to
drop off the pick-up car on this point to point race. I had many colorful
comments for my lovely husband, who thought this race would be a “great
training ride” to prepare us for our upcoming trip to Moab UT. So… I fell
for it.

It was hard to decide what to wear as the rain let-up as we picked up our
packet and chip in Inlet. As we lined up for the race I abort the rain coat
(yes, I am that much of a sissy) and opted for a vest.

The race started off up the paved road in town and turned onto another paved
road for a while – a mile or two. Then, here we go – Dirt! Lovely dirt. Wait
– it this uphill? Ok, so a little at the start, get it out of the way. As it
turns out, it climbs pretty much for the first 20 miles – when it wasn’t
climbing, it was sand. Sand, not the fun stuff at the beach, but wet sand
that wanted to suck you in and hold you back – sure, the flat part even had
to be hard.

At about mile 20 (just before it started to descend) I had a bit of a hissy
fit. I was bonking and hotter than heck – wishing for some of that rain I
dreaded earlier. So as I watched this chick pass me, I pulled over and had a
little quality time to myself.

Near 8 miles left, the road turned to pavement and stayed that way until the
finish. Which, for me was somewhat lackluster, as I rolled in, thankful to
finish at last.

So, insight? Not really, hard race, good time, I hear its pretty there –
can’t really testify to that – lots of dirt road – there is a nice Mexican
restaurant in town for post-race grub.

Editor’s note:  Kim finished 4th of 26 in her category, Beginner Master Women!

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