An excuse to type Puu Puu

November 16, 2005 · Print This Article

If you are coming out to the Surf City race this weekend, bring your lunch money.

Heather from Heather’s Patisserie will be out in the early morning with coffee and the county’s best bakery goods. She will be joined by Trinity Deli who’ll be serving up sandwiches a little later in the day.

But if you have a big kahuna kind of appetite, no worries. We’ve got Aloha Island Grill coming out with their full barbecue to serve up some puu-puus and the rest of their famous Island Style menu.

And, there’s been some rumors that someone might be hiding a Seabright Brewery keg out in the venue somewhere. But don’t worry. If we find it we’ll put a stop to that right away.

This fabulous post was written by one of our awesome bella volunteers ~ Sabine is the cofounder of Velo Bella and if you like this report, you can thank her with brownies and beer.


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