Highland Happenings

November 9, 2005 · Print This Article

Check out my story on the Velo Bella founders in Bay Area Business Women. It’s also in their magazine. But more importantly, check out Flying Erin’s photo!

By the way, she went in for stitches on her calf after cutting herself during the race today. And for those of you who didn’t hear, erin placed 5th in yesterday’s race! On another note, there were a bunch of velo bella supporters at the race today as the VB gals put in great performances. Lisa, Erin, Barb and I raced (sami cheered for us). The course was twisty, turny, muddy with a couple of run-ups. After a self-induced slide-out in yesterday’s race that put an early end to my efforts, I’m happy to say i made the top spot on the podium at today’s event. Barb placed 2nd and erin and Lisa were just behind.

Thanks for the healing words from all who’ve written. I had a really great racing weekend but kicked my pedal with my calf when running with the bike around a tight corner on Sunday (note to self – hold the bike alittle further away next time). The calf opened up ina really ugly way and I had to get it all stitched back together on the way to the airport. The funny thing is that I was having a pretty good race and was so amped up that I didn’t even notice and just kept racing!

Fortunately Barb, Christine, and Sami all rallied together to get my bikes packed up really quick so I could go the ER and still make my flight. And the girl I was battling with during the race came over and gave Barb a sports-bra full of Burt’s Bees stuff to help with healing. Barb was suddenly a Dcup! It was so fun to be on the East Coast this weekend with Barb, Christine, Sami, the fellas, and Lisa, a sweetheart who I had not met before. The announcers everywhere love us and are so proud to have women travel across the country to attend their races. And the compliments on our jersey have no geographic boundaries.I’ll be back on the bike for our race. I can’t wait.

Don’t know if a link was made to this coverage & pics yet:http://www.cyclingnews.com/cross.php?id=cross/2005/nov05/highland05

This one just plain rocks:http://www.cyclingnews.com/crossphotos.php?id=photos/2005/nov05/highland05/5569

I just received a link to more photos of highland park cx race featuring the fab bellas – barb, erin, lisa and me. (scroll down and click on coverage of bike race)

My favorite photo of the bunch is Lisa turning a corner with her legout – well done. They did an interview with me as well. By the way, in the sprint photo between barb and me, it looks like wewere somewhat even in the sprint. But I actually had a gap on her going into the pavement straightaway that she easily closed in a short distance. If the race would have been a couple of meters longer, she would have taken me at the line! Her sprint really impressed me.

I just wanted to chime in that it was great racing behind Christine, Barb, Erin and Sami this weekend. Also good to see bella Susan Gabriel in the Women B’s.

At Saturday’s race I saw Sami wipeout in front of me coming off a fast grass decent into a 90 degree gravelly turn. Very dicey corner and she immediately said ‘I’m ok’ and all I could think was good thing she’s wearing those blue’granny’ leggins. They saved her from road rash on top of her already injured calf.You gals are inspiring me to race faster so I can learn some more skills. Barb raced phenomenally both days…ok so no surprize to you all out West. Great come back ride to Christine after some tough luck at Camp Hill. Hey, but that’s racing. Just when you think you’ve raced your worst race ever you cancome back & win the next day…nice! Looking forward to seeing ya’ll again at Nats.

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