Winter Wonderwomanland

December 10, 2005 · Print This Article

This cyclocross stuff is the silliest sport ever. Who, in their right mind, would fly across the US, to ride their bike around a neighborhood park…in a sleetstorm?

I know a few girls who would.

Friday saw the bellas get their first 05 national champion, when Betty”iron will” Jordan won the Women 55+!

Also braving the storm on Friday, was DelaBella Lisa Vible, who finished 11th in the Women 40-44.

The storm cleared for Saturday, but it left behind a frozen tundra of a course. First one to tackle the icy hell, was Kiersten Inserni. The little pink fireball melted the course as she rocketed through in the Junior Women 10-12 race.

Two bellas, Melodie Metzger and Monique Hein, represented their schools in the collegiate race. Mel dominated as she successfully defended her title and Monique was pure champ in one of her first cross races. Rounding out the day, was Sami Fournier, who raced to a 13th place in the Women 35-39

First place in the snow writing contest, went to Miss Mary, who used a stipling technique. Good thing we didn’t let boys play in this one. But the ice dancing award has to go to me, because Miss Mary is a walking disaster. Alas, the snowball fights, all ended in dead ties.

Clickie pics
Cyclingnews Results – fireballs
Cyclingnews Results – Iron Willed
Cyclingnews Results – Sunnier & Muddier
Cyclingnews Results – Collegiate

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2 Responses to “Winter Wonderwomanland”

  1. nicknameless on December 11th, 2005 12:24 pm

    are those elf ears on Marys hat?? Congrats to Mel and Betty!

  2. Kammee on December 21st, 2005 1:18 am

    Sorry to intrude on your blogger. I was wondering about Monique Hein. Is there any way of getting a hold of her. If so please e-mail me back at
    The only reason why I was asking is because I went to school with her back in Arizona. Anyhow, sorry once again. Thanks soo much, Kammee

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