Kristin’s Kona King (queen) Zing

February 21, 2006 · Print This Article

2006 Velo Bella -Kona pro MTB and road racer Kristin Danielson, had the pleasure of getting her hands on a Kona King Zing full carbon steed earlier this year and spent many hours turning over the sweet pedals. Recently she stayed in the Santa Cruz area with her husband Tom Danielson while he prepped for the Tour of California. Alex Burgess (mtb team manager) and I (Brent road team manager) got to spend some time riding with Kristin on her sweet riding Kona and we watched in amazement at how comfortable and effortless it looked climbing on that bike. I asked her to let us in on her King Zing for all of you who are tempted to order one up for yourself.
*(The King Zing Kristin got is the mint green shade presented on the Kona site. Pictures of the special Velo Bella paint job available from Kona will be posted some time next week!)

“Since riding my new Kona King Zing I have decided this is going to be a keeper for a long time. Not only do I feel extremely comfortable on the bike, I like how well it handles. When I am climbing, I notice myself standing more without having my quadriceps screaming at me to sit back down on the saddle. The all carbon bike is obviously very light weight and great for those long climbs. I have never been the best at descending but since I have been riding on my new Kona I feel very confident and balanced. I find the snappy ten speed gearing to be right on when I am searching for the right gear for the terrain. Of course since I am female color matters; and this bike has a beautiful teal shade that, personally, I love. Needless to say I have enjoyed riding my new Kona and look forward to putting more miles on it around the globe.”

Krisitin Danielson
Velo Bella-Kona pro mtb racer

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