Weekend Wrap Up 26-27

March 1, 2006 · Print This Article

The Tiny Texan led the charge this weekend as she completed her first duathlon AND her first road race. And won. Check out proud poppa’s story here.

Bellas showed up for the Central Coast MTB #2 in all categories. Kathleen Bortloussi is in a tight battle in the Pro/Expert women category as she finishes in 2nd this week. New bella, Ryan Hostetter, completed her first expert race. LAURA did a mountain bike race and didn’t even tell me and now she’s in trouble. And Katy Kintz came back for her 3rd race, so I think that makes her a racer girl now.

Roadie girls headed back down to the Central Valley for the sunny happy Senlling race and the icky rainy Merced Crit. Kelekelebobella rode smooth in the rain for a 3rd place finish in the crit. It was a great warm up for next weekend’s NRC opener, McClane. Big news is that the Cat 4 women’s field sold out and a second field was added. Numbers were high for all women’s categories. Women’s racing in NorCal is so hot right now. Check out Kele’s report on the road race and the crit and JJ’s enchilada revenge.

Of course, the coolest news of the weekend was that some of the Kona team bikes have arrived and they are swank.


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