May 3-7

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Tour of the Gila, NM (all Women 1/2/3/Pro)
Day 1: Time Trial 15.7 miles
32nd, Kele Murdin
39th, Jane Ziegler
60th, Hiroko Shimada
61st, Jen Joynt
66th, Jen Chapman
68th, Noel Weddle

Day 2: Road Race
28th, Hiroko Shimada
42nd, Noel Weddle
47th, Jen Joynt
50th, Jen Chapman
57th, Jane Ziegler
63rd, Kele Murdin

Day 3: Road Race
41st, Jane Ziegler
42nd, Noel Weddle
50th, Jen Chapman
51st, Kele Murdin
52nd, Jen Joynt
59th, Hiroko Shimada

Day 4: Criterium
14th, Kele Murdin
34th, Jane Ziegler
50th, Hiroko Shimada
54th, Jen Chapman
57th, Jen Joynt
60th, Noel Weddle

Day 5: Road Race
34th, Jen Joynt
37th, Noel Weddle
39th, Hiroko Shimada
42nd, Jane Ziegler
43th, Kele Murdin

General Classification
42nd, Jane Ziegler
46th, Noel Weddle
47th, Jen Joynt
48th, Kele Murdin
50th, Hiroko Shimada

Team General Classification
9th, Velo Bella-Kona

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