August 9-11

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Masters National Track Championships, CO
5th, Kele Murdin, Women 30-34
3rd, Catherine Boland, Women 45-49
4th, Barbara Harick, Women 45-49
4th, Robyn Jensen, Women 50-54

12th, Catherine Boland, Women 40-99
16th, Robyn Jensen, Women 40-99

2 k
1st, Kele Murdin, Women 30-34
3rd, Robyn Jensen, Women 50-54

7th, Catherine Boland, Women 40-49
8th, Barbara Harick, Women 40-49
2nd, Catherine Boland, Women 45-49
3rd, Barbara Harick, Women 45-49

NORBA National Finals, CO
14th, Kristen Danielson, Pro Women STX
31st, Rebecca Gross, Pro Women STX
13th, Kristen Danielson, Pro Women XC
45th, Shannon Holden, Pro Women XC
47th, Rebecca Gross, Pro Women XC
2nd, Alex Fabbro, Super D Women 40+
7th, Suzanne Peters, Super D Mechanics Race
8th, Jed Peters, Super D Mechanics Race
12th, Kathleen Bortolussi, Open Women STX
3rd, Erika Krumpelman, Expert Women 35+
5th, Kathleen Bortolussi, Expert Women 40+

Montezuma’s Revenge, CO
1st, Cat Morrison, Women

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