Dunnigan Hills RR Report (and then some)

August 23, 2006 · Print This Article

Not sure why they call it “Dunnigan Hills”. I think “Dunnigan Bumps” would be more appropriate. Anyway, I have been sort of shy about writing race reports so here goes!

This was the largest group I have ever raced in. There were 36 W-4 on the starting line. It is also the flattest race I have ever done. I missed my pedal on the start and ended up in the rear. It took me 30 minutes to get just a few spots up. I was constantly looking for openings, movement, etc. I would get up to the 10th spot here and there but most of the time I was near the back. This was OK since we were not setting the world on fire and no one was moving much, even in the hills.

The most excitement we had was when the CHP was pointing to a turn from inside his car, windows rolled up, and sun glare on the glass. Needless to say, most of the group missed the turn and a couple of girls took advantage of this and pulled away. A few of us tried to get the others to let them sit out there but no such luck. This was my only time in the front while we bridged up.

We made the last turn for the finish line. Everyone was nervous and trying to get their position. By now, the pack was down to 24 or so. I was still in the back end. I missed the 1K marker but saw the 200M. I sprinted up the hill in the big ring and finished a happy camper 2nd. I learned a lot about flat group riding.

Race Report Catch up:

* Pine Flat-got a flat and the weather was terrible
* Madera Stage Race-Lots of fun, got my first set of “points”. I think I had to ask what points were.
* Folsom Crit-Not a crit girl but it was close to home and I like to sprint so it was good.
* Sea Otter MTB Short Track-Bailed
* Sea Otter XC-You all know THAT story for the Women Riders
* NVDC-Slow and brutal as always
* Cougar Mtn-Can you say lava rock, kidney damaging ride? No flat tires through!
* Downieville Classic XC – Oh ya, brutal climb but a lovely descent.
* Howell Mtn Challenge – Not a good day, need more endurance training.

OK, now that I have caught up, I will be better about my reports-as required by the fabulous Velo Bella Rule Book. Thanks to Soni for always having a kind word and a smile for me. We are usually the only two Bellas in our group. I have really enjoyed my first season as a Bella and look forward to meeting and racing with you all.

Happy Riding-Julie

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