Sunday ride to Afton

September 19, 2006 · Print This Article

The lure of an Afton ride brought Bellas Karla, Manda, Barb&Bruce, and
Julia Mairs (a potential Bella) and her boyfriend Bob (a GP rider) out
to St. Paul at 8:00 on Sunday morning. However, all were quickly met
with disappointment when we decided to not ride out to Afton and
challenge the ridiculous headwinds we would encounter on our return to
the cities.

BUT, the initial disappointment didn’t last. We did a great loop down
through Eagan, past Lebanon hills, across 494 and I’m not certain
where all else. :) (Thanks Barb, for your extensive route experience)

Highlight of the morning was perhaps the reunion of the two long lost
Dartmouth alumni — Karla and Julia. Karla will give you the full
story, and I’m sure she has Blogged about it.

So, look for another Afton ride in the near future. The Afton
movement will not be thwarted by one Sunday of soul-sucking wind.

Thanks everyone for coming out.

— thanks to Greiber for the report.

Karla also blogged about the Sunday ride and her track exploits..

—- and from me..
thanks to everyone for letting me a total wheel suck, and not dropping me in the suburbs.

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