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September 1, 2006 · Print This Article

My first ever Mountain Bike World Championships. I did everything that I was supposed to do. I went to an August training camp instead of the last two Norbas to do some focused training for the event. I arrived at the venue nice and early to make sure jet lag was not a factor. I tapered my hours leading up to the event. I rested lots and ate well the week before. I pre-rode in all conditions so I knew the course. I even gave up chocolate (Ok that’s a lie but I DID reduce my intake…). But even when you do everything right, it doesn’t always equate to the perfect ride. Nothing went wrong in my race, no mechanicals, no crashes, no head games, I just had one gear.

I had a great start – not too fast as I am prone to do – I was instructed not to blow up on the first big climb. So when everyone started passing me (back) on the 8min climb I didn’t worry too much because I was supposed to have some go-juice in the reserve tank for laps 4 and 5. Technically I rode really well, gaining back a few spots riding the mud but every time the hill came around girls would pick me off. My legs just seemed too weak to push the big gears. I couldn’t seem to call on these supposed reserves. I picked up the pace enough on the last two laps to pass a few people here and there but most were long gone. 31st in the end. Not bad, but not the World Championships I was looking for……Especially after so many people had helped me get there. You always want to have a kick ass race to pay them back for all their hard work and faith. I guess I worked so hard trying to qualify for worlds that I didn’t have much left for the race itself.

But…aside from my flaaaat performance I had a wicked trip. New Zealand is beautiful. The course was really fun. The kiwi fans were amazing – by then end of the week they were chanting “Oh la la, Canada”. The national team girls were great roomies. My brother/coach Kevin came to Rotorua with his family, along with my parents and Norm so I had the best pit crew and fan club (again). And I got to be the first Velo Bella to attend the mountain bike world championships. I can’t really complain.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get to worlds – a big goal for me this season. Thanks to Velo Bella – Kona for being such a fun and supportive team. Thanks to Kona for the sweet rides, Fox for the plush forks (new ’07 was yummy), SRAM for the snappy components and all of the mechanical support throughout the season, Zeal for the snazzy shades, Giro for the helmets that always matched my kits, Easton for the über light parts, Schwalbe for the sticky tread, San Marco for the comfy saddles, Hincapie for the cute kits, Helly Hansen for the stylie threads, Frontrunners for the ever-solid support, Crank Brothers for the best pedals ever, Sidi for the great shoes, Vanderkitten for the cute Ts. And thanks to Norm, Alex, Kevin, Jed, the VB-K girls and everyone else that supported me physically and mentally this season. I couldn’t have gotten there without your help!

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