The night before Nationals….

December 14, 2006 · Print This Article

Here we are in lovely Providence RI, for Cyclocross Nationals – 2006.

We once again have an impressive team lining up for the championship events.

For Friday’s Master’s race we have:
Sarah Kerlin
Anna Milkowski
Melanie Swartz
Deidre Winfield

Andi Mackie

Sunday’s Elite race:
Ann Fitzsimmon
Erin Kassoy
Sarah Kerlin
Callie McDowell
Anna Milkowski
Melanie Swartz
Jen Tilley
Deidre Winfield

Unfortunately Stephanie White is out with a broken ankle. We’ll miss you and wish you a speedy recovery Scout!

Listen to the Live Audio cast on Sunday at 2pm for the elite women’s race to hear how well your Bella teammates are doing at

Stay tuned for race reports.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, teammates, and supporters that have helped us get here.

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