Bella Training Camp, day 2,3,4

January 18, 2007 · Print This Article

by Tracie

We rode, ate, and rode some more.

It was cold, but sunny, and the routes were beautiful (well, except for Sunday – sorry – there was nothing beautiful about Sunday). In terms of conversation, I think we did some real bonding:

It’s 9:30 as we pile into the car to head down to the ride.

Teammate: Well (glancing at car thermometer), it’s 27 degrees.

Me: That is cold. That’s like, five jerseys and two pairs of shorts cold.

Silence as we watch our breath puff-puff through the air.

It’s 9:35.

Teammate: Well, it’s up to 31 degrees.

Me: That is cold. That’s like, still less than freezing. That’s like, so cold that your snot freezes on its way down your face.

Teammate: That’s like, four jerseys and a vest and thermal leg warmers cold.

It’s 9:37

Teammate: We’re up to 32!

It’s 9:38

Teammate: No, wait, 33!

It’s 9:49 and we pull into the ride start parking lot.

Me: Hey it looks like we’ve hit 40 degrees!

Teammate: 40 degrees is still pretty damn cold.

Me: What is that, like a couple base layers and a thermal jersey and a jacket?

Teammate: Well, the other day when I left work it was 39 degrees and I wore this-this-and-that.

Me: Yeah but it’s one degree warmer now.

Teammate: Yeah but it’s not as windy.

Me: Yeah but we might have to go down some descents.

I put on my kit.

Teammate: You’re wearing ARM WARMERS too??

Me: Wait, you’re not?

Teammate: Well I dunno, if you are then maybe I should.

Me: Well, I just thought if it gets warm I can always take them off.

Teammate: Oh. But what if it warms up a lot?

Me: I don’t know. Hey, it looks like teammate-over-there is wearing a thermal vest.

Teammate: Oh CRAP. I don’t have a thermal vest.

Me: Me neither. Maybe I could wear two normal vests?

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3 Responses to “Bella Training Camp, day 2,3,4”

  1. Miss Mary on January 18th, 2007 2:32 pm

    we missed your ride reports tracie, nice to have you back.

  2. Velo Bella on January 18th, 2007 6:07 pm


  3. manda on January 28th, 2007 2:47 am

    40 degrees is:
    shorts, leg warmers, base layer, ‘warm-ish’ jersey, arm warmers, patagonia ready mix jacket. $2 drug store gloves under fingerless bike gloves

    30 degrees is:
    same as above, but with wool socks and my windproof, waterproof skateboard jacket. and some other pants/tights over shorts.

    wussy californians…;) </irony>

    -ex-oakland grrl.

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