STUDS on ice

January 30, 2007 · Print This Article

Huge KUDOS to you anyway- at least DFL is better than my pathetic DES (didn’t even start) thanks to my lack of knowledge of studded tired. I did however win some schwag for my efforts… One of the fellas running the race had extra home made studded tires available and when he heard my sad story he let me keep the pair that had flatted me. (along with giving me a long description of how to correctly put a tube liner in..) I promised him I’d be back next year with properly prepared equipment.
Just for the record, for those of you who don’t know me and I don’t want to get a bad reputation for being a dum-dum- I had come down unprepared because Chuck Hood (stacia’s hubby and the days’ race promoter) was going to have two prepared wheels already for me. But wouldn’t you know- the new Velo Fella, little Karlo Hood, decided to join the world on Saturday night! Congrats to the new family! Way to go, Stacia! So, needless to say, the Hood family were more occupied with diapers than studded tires for Sunday’s race. I sure enjoyed Barb’s race report though. Way to Represent! Woot woot! Let’s hope for both our sakes that Maria is back next year!

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