holy crap it’s cold…

February 3, 2007 · Print This Article

and Stupor Bowl X is still on. Yes, we know it’s cold. There has been some changes because of the cold. one of the message boards is filled with tips on how to avoid frostbite. This is probably sign number one that people shouldn’t be riding.

sign #2 that argues against riding is… the severe weather warning. something about windchill. UGH. Last i heard the race officially starts at 3pm. and it’s STILL only -10 degrees FUCKING COLD right now. That’s without the wind chill.

sign #3: from mplsbikelove again. The question was: “do I need to ride a fixed gear bike?”
answer by MegD (organizer of ze race): hells no. I would warn you though, probably best to ride either a fixed OR a geared bike. In weather this cold, I”ve had bearings freeze up on regular single speed freewheel cogs. But maybe that’s just because of my mechanical inaptitude.

the only reaction to “weather this cold, i’ve had my bearings freeze up..” is… OMG, WTF?!

but… i love this race. it’s the thing that started it all. But… my first one was stupor bowl 8, and THAT was awesome. It was in the high 40’s and the streets were dry. The boy I was with at the time was my domestique. heh. So.. it’s only downhill from there, i guess. but it’s still HELLA fun.

If you wanna watch… I dunno. Maybe hit up some local watering holes. there’s lotsa activity at one on one right now. CRC is probably a stop. Behind Bars is a sponsor… NE grumpy’s is probably a stop. But this is all speculation. We won’t get manifests until 2:30.

Everyone will show up to foundation by 6. They open at 5. $5 for non-riders…. I hear rumors there’s food and drink specials… So come out and hang with the riders and support a new-ish local club!

eh. back to getting dressed.

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