TN Bellas Columbia Cyclocross Report, Jan. 13, 14, 27, 28

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:: Columbia Cyclocross Report, Jan. 13 and 14 ::


1st place :: Molly Graves
2nd place :: Laura Sweeney
3rd place :: Joy Denney


1st place :: Laura Sweeney

The dollars have not been counted, but the Velo Bellas of Tennessee can call their cyclocross bake sale a success!! In addition to feeding hungry racers, we had three Bellas participate on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Our podium gals, Saturday, January 13, from left: Joy, Laura, Molly

:: Columbia Cyclocross Report, Jan. 27 and 28 ::

Saturday was a great day for women, with a turnout from some of the best females in the area. Temps were a little nippy but fine, with temps in the upper 40s at race time.


1st :: Becky Walter, Nashville, TN
2nd :: Carolyn Heichel, Nashville TN
3rd :: Joanie Redman, Team MOAB, Nashville, TN
4th :: Laura Sweeney, Velo Bella KONA TN
5th :: Angela Brown, Velo Bella KONA TN
6th :: Dee Davis, Velo Bella KONA TN
7th :: Yvonne Horn, Velo Bella KONA TN

Sunday, the weather challenged even the bystanders, with a race temp of 32 degrees or so, and gusts of wind not for the faint of heart! Our women still had a good showing that day, and braved the temps with smiles on their faces.


1st place :: Molly Graves, Velo Bella KONA TN
2nd place :: Laura Sweeney, Velo Bella KONA TN
3rd place :: Dee Davis, Velo Bella KONA TN

Full results are at the Columbia Cycling Club website,

Natasha, our first pro Bella in the Southeast, swept the Seniors on Sunday!! She was the only female in the category and walked away with 1st!!

Senior (19-29)
1st :: Natasha Cowie (pictured below)

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All of the pics are from Sunday’s chilly race. Pics from Saturday will be posted as soon as they become available. Natasha is in the red helmet, Laura in the pink helmet, Molly was decked out in rad socks and pink “Hot Cyclocross Buns” underwear in honor of our bake sale,” and Dee has the yellow helmet with the white balaclava.


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