winter warmers: jameson, castelli, and hotties on hot bikes

February 2, 2007 · Print This Article

It’s 3 degrees out right now. I wussed out riding into work today because it woulda been -2 degrees when I left the house. No idea (beyond jameson) how to cope with tomorrow’s high of -4 (yes. that is a negative sign, NOT a typo) for Stupor Bowl tomorrow.

The way more sane bellas are going to the Now Bikes and Fitness– Snelling for the Castelli Trunk show.– 10am

Here’s the details from Bob (Now bikes and fitness):
The Castelli rep “is going to sell any of his samples at 40% off . We
will offer 20% off on any spring 07 clothing due to arrive in
He is going to bring an inventory of sale Fall Winter stuff and offer
at least 20% off those goods too. The fall winter goods are what they
have on hand and will ship the next week.”

Drop a line if you plan on going… This weekend is also the City of Lakes Loppet, maybe our new blogger and XC skiier, Sheryl, will blog about it.

oh… and the ray of sunshine? my dream of paradise…

check out this following video…

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mmm. hot punk boys. sweet bikes. san francisco.

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